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Podcast ads are sold on a CPM basis (i.e. the cost for a thousand downloads). But we don't listen to every podcast we download - plus we skip past ads anyway, right? If you're buying podcast ads to win new customers, you will never know how many people actually listened to them. On Fountain your budget gets paid back to every listener who heard your ad, boosting your campaign's performance while delivering measurable results.

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Create an account, find your show and enter the email address in your RSS feed. You're now able to promote your latest episode or a specific episode from your back catalogue from the app.


Set your budget

60% of your budget gets paid back to listeners. You get to choose how much you want to pay for every listen listen, but it can be set as low as 50 sats (that's around $0.04).


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When you're ready, you can pay with a credit or debit card, or Apple Pay. Once you have paid, give us 24-hours to prepare your promotion before it starts getting served to listeners.


Check your stats

Check the promotions tab on the My Shows page in the app to see how many new listeners your promotion generated, how much budget you have remaining along with other valuable metrics.

"In December 2022 we started investing in Fountain Promotions to help our new podcast generate early momentum. Since then we have been promoting our latest episodes on a regular basis and we have seen our audience grow exponentially. In June 2023, we reached 100k total downloads and just six months later we hit 300k. Fountain Promotions work!"

Ian Reis
Host of Flirting With Bitcoin

Podcaster's Guide to Buying Ads to Grow Your Audience (March 2024)

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