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Earning Bitcoin made easy for every podcaster

Getting your show on the Lightning Network and seeing all the data should be easy. However, no simple user-friendly solutions exist for podcasters today. That's why we're launching the Podcaster Wallet. etc.
Join the Lightning Network in the Fountain app
See your show's earnings and supporters
Read and reply to messages from all apps
Split your earnings with other users

Grow your podcast or business with Fountain Promotions

Fountain Promotions are native podcast ads that pay listeners. At last, users get a fair deal and advertisers know that they are listening.

Pay less for more listeners

Get discovered on the home page of the app and stream money to users for every minute they listen. Grow your reach overnight and build a bigger audience on any budget.

Podcast ads people actually listen to

Podcast advertising is broken. Stop paying for podcast ads that users skip straight past. Pay a CPM based on actual listens and drive clicks to your website or app for as little as $0.25.

People aren't listening to your podcast ads but you’re still paying


Not all impressions are created equal

When you advertise your business (or your podcast) through podcast ads they are paying for a download. That doesn't mean that people are going to hear it. Here's why:

We don't listen to every podcast we download

We skip past podcast ads anyway, right?

The industry average CPM for a 60-second podcast ad is $25. The price you are paying for 1,000 downloads (known as CPM) is not reflective of your true reach because there will always be an unknown number of people that won’t see or hear your ad at all. If you invest in podcast ads you should ask yourself:

What would we pay for podcast ads that people actually listen to?


On Fountain you pay per listen

Because your ad budget gets paid to users as they listen, we can guarantee your ad is getting heard.

Create a promotion on Fountain

Start buying podcast ads that people actually listen to.

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Common Questions

Once you have claimed your show, listeners on Fountain can now support you by sending send sats. There are two ways of supporting a podcast: Stream Send sats to the podcaster for every minute you listen. The minimum is 10 sats per minute to ensure that each split gets their share. Boost A Boost is a comment with a payment. You must send a minimum of 100 sats per Boost but the more you Boost, the higher it appears on the Episode page. The maximum you can send is 600,000 sats. To learn more about the Fountain wallet limits and find out how to increase your limits, click here.
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