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How do I get paid by listeners?

Podcasts are simply too good to be free - but they don't belong behind a paywall either. Tell your listeners there is an easy way to support the show and they will. Why? Because it feels good to give back value which was so freely given to us.
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How do I grow my audience?

Building a large audience takes time and patience. With so many podcasts to pick from but so little time, how are you going to convince new listeners that yours is worth trying? Reward them with real money and grow your reach overnight.
Easy Onboarding
Add your show to the Lightning Network in a couple of clicks
Value for Value
Start getting paid by your audience directly as they listen
Share your earnings with co-hosts, guests and contributors
Fountain Promotions
Get new subscribers by paying them to try out your podcast
Better Discovery
Get your podcast discovered through clips and charts
Direct Engagement
Interact directly with your listeners with Boosts and replies
See who your supporters are and how they value your content
Instant Withdrawals
No more waiting to get paid - cash out any time without fees

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