Be You. Get Paid.
Be You. Get Paid.
This podcast has one goal - to explore as many conversations and perspectives as possible on stuff we didn't learn at school. Y'know - the kind of stuff that would have actually helped more of us thrive (rather than simply survive) as adult humans?!Things that I personally believe impact our many individual, diverse definitions of personal freedom and happiness - including but not limited to: communication, confidence, creativity, relationships, entrepreneurship... and that all too often taboo topic that affects all of it - whether we choose to admit it or not - money.More specifically, how money - as...
EP002 Fertility, Miscarriage & Womb Healing with Vicki Renz
3/31/2023 • 1hr 0m
"Typical results... women who have been working consistently on themselves will come to me 1-to-1, they may not have had their period for months and it comes back after one session - because they've revived their flow, they've connected in to their energy... there's just so much around it that's sparking that life back in to them"._______________________________________Vicki Renz is the Founder of Oh My Mama Body where she guides women with unique womb healing techniques - supporting them in reconnecting with their feminine flow. Be it fertility struggles, pregnancy support, post-partum challenges...
EP001 Bitcoin IS Freedom & Happiness with Natalie Brunell
3/17/2023 • 1hr 0m
“To me, a life of quality and happiness is one where you are surrounded with people who love you and who you love - a community that you’re helping to support and provide service and love to, that gives back to you.I’m a big believer in betting on yourself… Bitcoin makes me feel so much more fulfilled because I feel like now I’m a part of something that improves the world and makes it a better place…”_______________________________________Natalie Brunell is a podcast host, educator and media commentator in the Bitcoin...
OH HEY! Intro to Me & BYGP
3/7/2023 • 32m
Oh Hey! Thanks for being here and tuning in - it's truly appreciated 😊Thought I'd start by saying "Hi" and explain a little bit about my intentions for this podcast after much procrastination and tech battles in getting this far... every day's a school day.Open to all comments, reviews, feedback and criticism - all welcome and encouraged 🙏🏼_______________________________________PARTNERS & RESOURCES:Future proof your skills, income & freedom by building online income streams. Join 'Modern Wealthy' and I'll be there to cheer you on with monthly coaching calls! https://beyougetpa...
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OH HEY! Intro to Me & BYGP
great first ep!