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⚡️ WEALTHSTEADING Podcast investing retirement money stock market & wealth

by John Pugliano


Listen to independent money manager John Pugliano as he analyzes the stock market and discusses how he trades his portfolio and builds personal wealth. John has over 37 years investing experience, he's an entrepreneur, author, inventor and the founder of Investable Wealth LLC. Visit the podcast website at: www.wealthsteading.com

Recent Episodes

⚡️ Stock Market CRASH: Buy-Hold-Sell 220924

Episode 386:  If you sell, make sure you have a strategy to get back in. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Midterm Election Stock Market Rally? 220906

Episode 385:  If you were an incumbent politician, wouldn’t you want a strong economy and stock market when you’re running for reelection? Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ The FED is warning about pain…but for who? 220902

Episode 384:  The Federal Reserve is warning about how they’re prepared to cause pain by raising interest rates.  The stock market has dropped based on those fears.  But ultimately, who will suffer from higher interest rates?  Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Beware of the MEME stock rebound 220811

Episode 383:  The S&P 500 is back in rally mode, retracing more than half of the distance from the Bear market peak-to-trough.  I remain cautiously optimistic, but beware of the bounce in highly speculative stocks…eventually fundaments matter. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Apprenticeship to wealth 220804

Episode 382:  Speaking of apprenticeship, check out my recent visit to the Homesteady homestead:    https://youtu.be/Df5UB7h0Bxg Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Investing is like paddling a canoe 220725

Episode 381:  The investor sentiment Fear & Greed cycle is comparable to a poorly paddled canoe. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Why stock market Fridays are important 220719

Episode 380:  How the stock market performs at the end of each week is an important nuanced signal that can indicate investor sentiment.  Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ PMI Growth & 2nd Qtr Earnings 220711

Episode 379:  Second quarter earnings will be forthcoming…pay attention to forward earnings estimates, but regardless of what CEOs say, know that June’s PMI indicates an expanding economy. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ 8th Anniversary: Do you want to argue or make money? 220705

Episode 378: Happy 8th anniversary to the Wealthsteading Podcast. In this episode, I sum up the 10 Wealth Building Principles by asking the question: Do you want to argue or make money?Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at: https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/

⚡️ Retracement & Resistance Levels 220629

Episode 377:  Fear & Greed move the stock market on a daily basis.  The cycle can be illustrated on a stock chart by observing retracement along levels of support and resistance.  Currently the S&P 500 is hitting its first resistance level since the bottom on June 16. “Get Back Sellers” are exiting the Market. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Blood in the streets of the Magic Kingdom & everywhere else 220616

Episode 376:  The Markets might have finally hit selloff capitulation. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Investor Attitudes that separate Winners from Losers 220609

Episode 375:  There are three investor attitudes that separate the Winners from the Losers. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Conflation of fears drives extreme negative investor sentiment 220605

Episode 374:  Investor sentiment is extremely negative.  I believe the panic is unwarranted.  Fears from the Ukraine situation are being conflated with issues from the Pandemic that have already been resolved or mitigated.  Much of our problems are due to “policies”, and as we’ve recently seen with NATO, long established policies can be quickly reversed. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Stock Market Selloff…Rants, Digressions, Explanations & Portfolio Adjustments 220514

Episode 373:  The Stock Market has been selling off for 6 weeks...here's what I'm doing. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Global Economic Choke Points 220506

Episode 372:  There’s a global economic crisis but it might be a windfall for the USA. Sign up for free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ RECESSION? Road Trip Economic Indicator 220505

Episode 371:  Consumers haven’t run out of money yet. Sign up for my free ALERTs & Market Commentary at:  https://www.investablewealth.com/subscribe/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ NETFLIX crash reveals myth of first mover advantage

Episode 370:  NETFLIX’s crash shows that: 1) stay-at-home stocks still have further to drop & 2) first-mover advantage doesn’t justify extreme valuations. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Products recession…Services BOOM !

Episode 369:  Is there a pending recession?  Yes, probably in the “products” side of the economy, but the “services” side of the economy has yet to fully bloom.  Think in-person experiences, travel, leisure…regardless of interest rates, that sector is BOOMING! ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Five cheap old stodgy stocks

Episode 368:  Value is a better word than cheap, but it isn’t as good of an attention getter.   Here are five large cap stocks that I own and I believe they are valuable because they have a favorable price to future growth ratio:  GE, GS, IBM, MU & SCHW. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Four Specialty Stocks that no one’s heard of

Episode 367:  The markets remain volatile but there are still plenty of stocks that I like, including these four stocks that I’ve owned for over a year:  FLS, ITGR, MHH & VPG. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ S&P 500 at support while volatility spikes

Episode 366:  The S&P 500 is sitting on very strong support at the convergence of its 100dma & 200dma but this week volatility spiked back up…should you be concerned? ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Suddenly…everyone loves TWITTER

Episode 365:  Two thoughts on how to invest without reacting to every kneejerk headline or avoiding what you personally don’t like. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ PARODY: How to invest $1000 to make Quick & Easy money

Episode 364:  PARODY- Happy April Fools’ Day ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Inverted Yield Curve predicted 9 of last 2 Recessions

Episode 363:  Recessions generally follow an inverted yield curve, but not every inverted yield curve proceeds a recession. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Why bond funds are losing money

Episode 362:  Contrary to the Wall Street myth, bonds and specifically bond funds are not “safe”.  There are a number of risk factors, and today’s dominant risk is a rising interest rate environment. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Oil prices causing demand destruction muted by wealth effect

Episode 361:  Consumer demand destruction is likely to be muted because households have significant amounts of wealth in their home and stock portfolio. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ PARODY: The good times are over for good

Episode 360:  PARODY- Today on my birthday, join me in a sarcastic cynical reflection of the good old days of an America that’s gone forever. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ What’s the Petrodollar? A myth

Episode 359:  The petrodollar scare tactic is circulating again.  Hide your wife…hide your kids ! ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ What’s really causing inflation?

Episode 358:  Inflation isn’t synonymous with Higher Prices.  If the FED isn’t fully responsible for higher prices, they also can’t be the sole source of the solution. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ The time to buy Oil stocks was 2 years ago

Episode 357:  I wouldn’t recommend rushing out and chasing the headlines…I’m preparing to buy what everyone else doesn’t like. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Absolutely nothing about Ukraine or Russia

Episode 356: Ignore the crisis du jour, and fortify your portfolio with quality, diversification, and especially US equities. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ My stock just crashed…what do I do now?

Episode 355: How should you handle an individual stock collapse?  In this episode I’ll discuss how I’m dealing with a 80% loss in SelectQuote. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Tech Stock RALLY or dead cat bounce?

Episode 354:  The Media narrative about Tech Stocks is flawed…there hasn’t been a major selloff nor is there currently a relief rally occurring.  The QQQ has only been up about 8% over the past 12 months; while the Energy Sector has been up over 60%. The clear winning sector over the long and short term has been ENERGY. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Listener Questions

Episode 353:  Listener questions- Chinese Stocks, Tech Stocks, 2022 Outlook, Portfolio Management, Swing Trading and more. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Goldman Sachs poster stock for VALUE

Episode 352:  Goldman Sachs stock price took a big dive today, as did the entire stock market.  But GS, like other high quality companies are extremely profitable with very reasonable valuations.  In my opinion the current volatility in the stock market is not a time to panic but a time to buy quality stocks. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ 2022 Volatile & Profitable

Episode 351:  The way that 2022 is beginning is likely the way it will end…volatile & profitable.  In this episode I discuss why I believe that stock valuations can support further growth in the economy and the stock market. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Beware daily balance watching

Episode 350:  One of the worst investing mistakes you can make is obsessing over your daily portfolio balance.  Wealth building is a marathon, not a sprint.  Focusing on day-to-day market variations will likely cause you to make poor decisions based on emotions, rather than logical long term fundamentals. TIME SENSITIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Today at 5pm eastern, I’ll be prognosticating about 2022 on a live stream episode of UnLoose the Goose.  You can tune in live to ask questions or watch the replay at: https://youtu.be/mxsDz-T2qLs Best returns ! ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ How Morse Code made me rich

Episode 349:  Don’t underestimate the value of a hobby. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Value Stocks I purchased during this dip

Episode 348:  Here’s the video were I describe how the Small Cap index has been trading in a defined range all year long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqKjPEJgeDU And here’s the link to the 62 stocks that I recently reinvested in: https://www.investablewealth.com/reinvesting-in-these-stocks/ ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Apology and Seasonal Message

Episode 347:  A portion of this episode is an audio replay from a video recorded on 3/21/2020: https://youtu.be/CVR5l-topvs ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Black Friday SELLOFF…FED will never raise interest rates

Episode 346:  I’m not at all concerned about the stock market selloff that happened on Black Friday.  In fact, the rally will likely continue even longer, because now the FED will be more hesitant to raise interest rates.  In this episode I discuss the two primary drivers of COVID inflation…and neither have anything to do with FED monetary policy.  This temporary, transient inflation is being caused by: lack of ImmigrationInheritance…the greatest generational transfer of wealth in history. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Peloton vs SelectQuote…buy the dip?

Episode 345:  Both Peloton and SelectQuote are down by nearly 70%.  Is this a good entry point to buy the dip or should you avoid trying to catch a falling knife? ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ GDP down…Stocks up

Episode 344:  Stocks are at record highs at the same time that 3rd Qtr GDP was way below estimates.  Join me today as I discuss free market economics along with a stock market review. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ $2 Million Retirement Portfolio

Episode 343:  Retirement is like taking a vacation, you should pack half the clothes and twice the money you’ll think you’ll need. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ VERIZON bottom fishing for dividends

Episode 342:  Everyone hates Verizon (VZ)...now might be a good time to buy it. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Assets beat INFLATION

Episode 341:  If you own appreciating assets then you’re not only keeping up with inflation, you’re profiting from inflation. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Stock Market is in ROTATION not CORRECTION

Episode 340:  There wasn’t a stock market correction in September and I think it’s highly unlikely there will be one in October.  In this episode I’ll highlight names of companies that I own that have done well during this period of “seasonal volatility”. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Positive Harbinger: Hotel Stocks are OUTPERFORMING

Episode 339:  My mantra hasn’t changed…buy the dip.  In this episode I’ll discuss positive harbingers for the stock market, including how hotel stocks like Hilton and Marriott are outperforming the general stock market. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ Inevitable Sep/Oct Stock Market Crash?

Episode 338:  The media narrative this month is that a September or October stock market correction is inevitable.  Maybe…maybe not. ------------------------------------------------------

⚡️ FED Tapering is just talk

Episode 337:  The title says it all. When the Federal Reserve starts to taper their monthly bond purchases, it doesn't mean they'll actually start to retire debt and reduce their balance sheet. ------------------------------------------------------