⚡️ Orange Pill Podcast

by Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert


Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with a weekly trippy look at a post red-pilled world. As an old fiat regime fades away and a new hard money system brings a new renaissance, they speak to guests from the world of bitcoin, macroeconomics, space travel, artificial intelligence and also finance, markets and monetary policy.

Recent Episodes


Visit our sponsors, Swan Bitcoin to stack sats and Fold Card to earn sats back Max and Stacy talk about the B44 as El Salvador orange pills 43 developing nationsAnd about the ongoing aftermath of the Terra LUNA/UST/Anchor 'algorithmic' stable coin collapse


Visit our sponsors: Swan Bitcoin to stack sats or Fold Card to earn sats back Max and Stacy dissect the ongoing carnage on the Rube Goldberg side of 'crypto'


Visit our sponsors: Stack sats at Swan Bitcoin or earn sats at Fold CardMax and Stacy discuss: Bitcoin as legal tender in Central African Republic (CAR)The EU working against Bitcoin, whilst aiding EthereumStacy makes a suggestion for the first B2 Meeting - El Salvador & CAR


Visit our sponsors: Stack sats at Swan Bitcoin or earn sats at Fold CardMax and Stacy discuss: Blast from the Max & Stacy past with a clip reel of Max Keiser from 13 years ago discussing the black hole of financial debtThe bond markets continue to sell off, which way next? Max finds a Modigliani on the bookshelf

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP61] - Proof of Dystopia, End Times for Fiat

Visit our sponsors: Stack sats with Swan Bitcoin and earn sats with Fold CardMax and Stacy discuss: Netflix tanking How a CBDC might be introduced; Stacy proposes that we could see an overnight/weekend introduction without debate or warning Proof of dystopia

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP60] - Bonds Send Bloop Signals From Outer Space

Visit our sponsors: stack sats at SwanBitcoin or earn sats at Fold AppTopics: Bond market signalsThe dark arts of reading price signals in an age of no memory Apple gaslights the population via emoji

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP59] - Hostile Raids and Poison Pills

Max and Stacy are back from The Bitcoin 2022 conference Topics: - Elon Musk makes a hostile bid for Twitter- Twitter's board introduces a poison pill- Recap of Bitcoin 2022 and a special shoutout to the Orange Pill Podcast core group of superfans and meme artists


Visit our sponsors: Swan Bitcoin for stacking sats and for earning sats check out Fold CardMax and Stacy chat to Knut Svanholm, author of EVERYTHING DIVIDED BY 21 MILLIONTopics:There can only be one hyperdeflationary currency. It's a winner take all game, because if there is more than one, it wouldn't be deflationary The double spending problem is tied to hyperbitcoinization Perfect deflation Bitcoin as a new element without massIf the alchemists had found a way to create gold, they would have destroyed...


Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin CBDC vs BitcoinBitcoin FamilyNickel markets remain closedVolcano Blonde

⚡️ Microdosing the CPI

Visit our sponsor: Swan BitcoinMax and Stacy with a livestream of ORANGE PILL on 10 March 2022 from North CarolinaCPI comes in at 40 year highExecutive Order signals CBDCCredit Suisse analyst says Bretton Woods 3.0 here

⚡️ Microdosing the FIRST FOLLOWER

Max and Stacy discuss Lugano, Switzerland becoming the first follower to the hyperbitcoinization movement started by President Bukele in El SalvadorThe conversation turns to the florin, the Renaissance, Petrarch, Saint Augustine and Cicero and how we came so close to losing all their knowledge. 


Max and Stacy are BACK  They return to North Carolina from the bitcoin land of hope and peace, El Salvador, and straight into the war and violence of the fiat world as Russian invades Ukraine in the latest disastrous stand off with NATO They discuss: Bitcoin is peace, fiat is warBitcoin vs gold prices on warRussia's role as commodities superpower makes sanctions difficultFourth Turning meets Thucydides TrapStack sats with our sponsor: SwanBitcoinEpisode recorded on 24 February at 4pm ET

⚡️ Microdosing the BOOK OF MAX

Sponsored by the best bitcoin-only, no shitcoin stacking service: SWAN BITCOINMax and Stacy with a livestream of ORANGE PILL on 15 January 2022 from San Salvador - Book of Max- Visiting Berlin- Game over for fiat- Volcano bonds- Experiencing El Salvador-  The FUD beginsBuy the BOOK OF MAX

⚡️ Microdosing GAME OVER FOR FIAT

Support our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with a livestream of ORANGE PILL on 29 December 2021 from Mexico CityBukele's tweet: IT'S GAME OVER FOR FIATInflation, lockdowns and OmicronOur last taco End of the year 21

⚡️ Microdosing the $2.5 TRILLION DEBT CEILING

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin The Debt Ceiling is raised by $2.5 trillion, or one new Great Britain added to global GDPAutomotive WeimarFart club and its influencers


Stack sats with our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy are back from El Salvador and they brought the lava lamp with them- Death by lava lamp- the Bank of England has some concerns about El Salvador's bitcoin law- Max and Stacy have concerns about the Bank of England- Max and Stacy recount their on the ground experience in El Salvador - from hyperbitcoinization in El Zonte, to near zero acceptance in San Salvador (thus proving there is not coercion to accept it)


Stack sats with our sponsor: Swan BitcoinMax and Stacy are joined by Nik Bhatia, author of Layered Money, to discuss bitcoin prices at a new all time high and what this means for the future of gold and the USD. Stock buybacks are shorting the dollarBitcoin - is it a risk on or a risk off asset? How much longer does gold have? Bukele ready for the No F*cks Given tour!

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP57] - Remembering, Remembering the 5th of November

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with a livestream of ORANGE PILL on 05 November 2021You come at the King, you best not missThe fifth of NovemberAngry goldcoiners bitter about bitcoinJP Morgan concedes bitcoin is going to $146,000 and beyond as digital goldJefferies dumps gold to buy bitcoin

⚡️ Microdosing the CRACK-UP BOOM

Visit out sponsor: Swan BitcoinMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 03 November 2021Headlines: - Crackup boom in markets- Gold down sharp- Election results show voters rejecting woke- Zillow can't predict markets, and neither can you

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP56] - Fulldosing the BITCOIN WHITEPAPER

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with their first livestreamed full dose of Orange Pill on the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin White PaperFirst market price of bitcoinPrice of silver in 2008Max Keiser in 2011 -- Bitcoin is the currency of resistance: Charlie Munger's student gulag in the fiat casino state

⚡️ Microdosing the H WORD

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 27 October 2021Topics: - The H Word: HYPERINFLATION- Elon Musk to be first USD trillionaire, he should hfsp because he's ngmi- Bitcoin ETFs hit the market- Viewers pooping while watching

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP55] - Bitcoin is Universal Acid

Visit our sponsor: Swan BitcoinMeet our guests: Bill Mallers & Brooke MallersMax and Stacy are joined by 'Jack Maller's dad,' - Bill Mallers and Brooke Mallers, experts in the futures market and long time bitcoinersAll bitcoin needs is timeWall Street sells trust and bitcoin does that as a service at a better price and with zero fraudBitcoin is universal acidWTF is contango bleed? We are all going to El Zonte

⚡️ Microdosing the END OF SANCTIONS and a NEW ALL TIME HIGH

Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 20 October 2021Topics: Another new all time highBitcoin ETFs hit the marketBitcoin overtakes CHF, silver nextShitcoin splatter on the windshield

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP54] - Bitcoin is Borderless Counterculture

Max and Stacy chat to Chris Tramount of Scarce.City- Bitcoin culture and counterculture- Rare Pepes- DRM and NFTs- Lightning technology meets the auction process


Sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 13 October 2021Topics: - Empty store shelves for Christmas- Jamie Dimon opens his mouth again and spews nonsense about 'bitcoin's algorithm'- Hash power moves to America- Yellen wants to spy on your spending

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP53] - SEX Sells

Visit our sponsor at our community: more about our guest: and Stacy discuss: The Treachery of Fiat: this is not an economy, this is not moneyPaul Krugman: This is not a pipe, this is a crack pipeStacy announces a tiny new magic coin with many more zeroes than the $1 trillion platinum coin in order to rescue the global economy: SEX, NON or a TRE BAGThey are joined by Aleks Svetski of to discuss: ...


Max & Stacy's livestream of 29 September 2021 discussing: Toxic bitcoin maximalismPushing a shitcoin on Bhutan Reductio ad Hitlerum as mainstream media claims bitcoin is for white supremacists

⚡️ Microdosing STACY'S $108 BITCOIN

Our livestream from 22 September at the Raphael Hotel in Paris. Max and Stacy discuss a tweet from 2013 recently retweeted back to life which was originally sent by Stacy defending herself against the trolls complaining to her that bitcoin had fallen to $108 from $128


Max and Stacy with a livestream from Paris just a few hours before France withdrew its ambassador to the US for the first time ever. Other topics: Pubic vs head liceAusUK diplomatic spatImpressions of post-Covid Paris

⚡️ Microdosing a BITCOIN PRESIDENT

The livestream from our hotel room in NYC on 9 September 2021Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 09 Septembenr 2021Topics: - El Salvador is officially a bitcoin nation- Mayor Suarez of Miami encourages voters to elect a Bitcoin President- Impressions of post-Covid NYC

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP52] - The Theatre of the Monetary Absurdists

Visit our sponsor Swan Bitcoin to stack satsJoin our telegram group: OPP Telegram to continue the conversationFollow our guest Dylan LeClair for more tabs of orange pilled knowledgeMax & Stacy discuss: The hyperinflation of absurdityWords and money no longer make sense and money is the ultimate wordThe Vaudeville of FOMC meetingsThey are joined by Dylan LeClair to discuss:Falling down the rabbit hole in record timeWhether or not it is still early

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP51] - Toxic Bitcoin Optimism

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for bitcoin contentVisit our sponsor Swan Bitcoin to stack satsMeet our guests: Adam BackSamson MowBlockstreamMax and Stacy discuss: Toxic optimism in the face of 50 years of fiat leaving us on the threshold of hellThe conversation with Adam Back and Samson Mow of Blockstream covers: Bitcoin mining costs nothingEnergy austerity & the Kardashev scaleBitcoin will never deny you Building a financial system on top of bitcoin


Microdosing from Phoenix, Arizona

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP50] - Bitcoin Regulates Government

Visit our sponsor: Swan BitcoinLearn more about our guest: Ricardo Pérez-MarcoJump into the Telegram group: The OPPJoin us in Phoenix: BITCOIN IS FU MONEYMax & Stacy present the ORANGE PILL PODCAST, 08 August 2021They discuss: The 'crypto' amendments vying for entry into the Infrastructure BillThe difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake become more starkIf the building is on fire, you've got to get people out of the buildingThe timing of bitcoin has always been perfect: perfect money, perfect price discovery, perfect protocolBitcoin is...


Max and Stacy with their weekly livestream discussing SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's recent comments on bitcoin and cryptos as 'speculative assets' Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin 

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP49] - The Bitcoin Pleb Revolt

Visit our sponsor: Swan BitcoinJoin our telegram group for more relentless optimismLearn more about Nozomi HayaseMax and Stacy look at the history of feudalism to understand what the money printers seek today and are joined by Nozomi Hayase to talk about 'Satoshi's grace'One satoshi is a fuck you money unit of truthThe seed of triumph was in the genesis blockSatoshi established a new contract in which bitcoiners could connect directly to the sourceFiat regime has an archaic structure of moralityCBDC as digital slavery from the autocratic fiat...

⚡️ Microdosing the SHADOWY SUPER-CODERS

Max & Stacy's YouTube livestream of the bitcoin news on 28 July 2021Topics: Elizabeth Warren - aka Senator Karren - blabs on about bitcoinBank of England plans to get in on the theft gameKlaus Schwab at ConsensusThe faceless movement begins

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP48] - The Portrait of the US Dollar

Stack sats with our sponsor: Swan BitcoinMax and Stacy discuss:The US has looked fabulous for decades but like Dorian Gray, but the economy is the haggard canvas upon which fiat decadence and decay has been plasteredDigital dollars are decay as a serviceThe deal with the fiat devilAlec Baldwin stars as 'Inflation'George Washington hasn't aged a dayThe decay is not hidden in the atticForce feeding the risk to the unsuspecting population Max and Stacy then chat to Dread about PlebNetWhy size matters when it comes to using LightningPlebNet girthBitcoin Beach is t...

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP47] - In Defense of Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism

Just start stacking at Swan BitcoinMax & Stacy discuss OSTRACISMOstracism and scape-goatingPunching up vs punching downOstracism is a peaceful governance model to defend against tyrantsSignaling is the ostraka of the fork warsStacy meets up with JL, a bitcoin miner with Rhodium in TexasJL discusses his journey down the rabbit holeThe upside & downside to the China mining banHow he learned to 'become bitcoin, not just run it'


Max and Stacy's youtube livestream from 14 July 2021 in which they kick off the episode with a discussion of the NY Post front page headline: THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DOLLAR

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP46] - Bitcoin is Default Insurance

Max and Stacy discuss:The used car salesmen at the Fed have sold us a lemon of a monetary policy system The car market is in backwardation Backwardation is related to shitcoinization The Hyperinflation Mindset, nobody believes the free money will stop They are joined by Greg Foss to discuss: Credit markets compared to equity marketsHow bitcoin operates as default insurance on sovereign credit


Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin to stack satsMax and Stacy discuss the Congressional hearings, "America on “FIRE”: Will the Crypto Frenzy Lead to Financial Independence and Early Retirement or Financial Ruin?” in which Rep. Brad Sherman shills hamstercoin? Topics include 'bitcoin stigmata' and mime 

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP45] - Bitcoin Mining Crisis in China = Opportunity in Texas

Visit our sponsor: SwanBitcoin.comMax and Stacy discuss: The Great Hashpower migration out of ChinaThe Bitcoin TriangleThe Mining Center of GravityCerebral entropyConfucius say "you have a micropen*sCrisis & OpportunityMax and Stacy chat to Dan Held of Kraken about: The Shitcoin Black-ScholesThe Silicon Valley model of 'always be shipping' makes them incompatible with bitcoin which was shipped perfect on the first trySupercycles and price discovery

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP44] - The 50 Year Rug Pull

Visit our sponsor: to stack satsTo join us for a spam-free conversation, join our telegram: more about our guest: https://bitfarms.comMax and Stacy discuss: Fiat airmiles inevitably devalueHow bitcoin turns you from a thug into a love nutFiat is the wonder bread and corn syrup of moneyOur fiat money has 7 eyes and three legs and stopped evolving after non-stop intervention in the processThe carnal escapades of the FOMC meetingsElon can't fix gravity and he can't fix bitcoinM...

⚡️ Microdosing the FED'S CREDIBILITY

Smash buy some bitcoin at:  SWANBITCOINMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 16 June 2021Topics: - Transitory inflation- Paul Tudor Jones on the Fed losing credibility- MicroStrategy buys even more bitcoin

⚡️ Orange Pill [OP43] - Bitcoin Takes the Locks Off the Clampdown

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin to stack sats or The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineLearn more about Julian Assange's case here: Assange DefenseContribute here: Wau Holland Stiftung=====Max and Stacy talk about how Bitcoin is not working for the clampdown but, in fact, removes the locksMax Keiser is the source codeAnd bitcoin has dug its way into truth about money and central banks=====Max and Stacy are joined by John and Gabriel Shipton to talk about Julian Assange, their...


Visit our sponsors: Swan Bitcoin to stack sats and TheSunExchange to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 09 June 2021Topics: - The Nic Carter Spaces revolution- El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal ten

⚡️ Microdosing the F*&K ELON TOUR

Visit our sponsor: SwanBitcoin to stack your satsMax and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 08 June 2021Topics: - The aftermath of Bitcoin 2021- The F%^K ELON tour- The wealth tax- El Salvador / Jack Mallers


Visit our show sponsors: SwanBitcoin to stack sats and The Sun Exchange to monetize sunshineMax and Stacy discuss the bitcoin derangement syndrome as it has manifested in the IYI that is Nassim Taleb


Max and Stacy with a microdose of ORANGE PILL on 26 May 2021Topics: - The Bitcoin Mining Council- Bitcoin 2021- Cathie Wood buys $20 million worth of bitcoin- Carl Icahn finds Satoshi; does he plan on bringing his 'activist' investment modus operandi- Pentagon continues pushing an alien invasion