Podcast ads people actually listen to

Stop paying for podcast ads that users skip straight past and start promoting your business on Fountain.
Promote your business
Stop paying for podcast ads that users skip straight past and start promoting your business on Fountain.
Promote your business
The podcast app where it pays to listen.
Podcaster Wallet

Earning Bitcoin made easy for every podcaster

Getting your show on the Lightning Network and seeing all the data should be easy. However, no simple user-friendly solutions exist for podcasters today. That's why we're launching the Podcaster Wallet. etc.
Join the Lightning Network in the Fountain app
See your show's earnings and supporters
Read and reply to messages from all apps
Split your earnings with other users
You only pay for actual listens
Users get paid from your ad budget for every second they spend listening.
Your ads can't be skipped
Users can't skip but can close ads at any time. Stop paying when they stop listening.
Impressions are free of charge
Users see your ad regardless of whether they listen, giving you free brand visibility.
Convert your clicks
Users can click through to your website or app directly as they are listening.


Minimum Spend

Fountain Promotions are perfect for businesses or start ups on a budget


Average CPL

Choose a cost per listen based on how much you pay listeners


Average CTR

Get higher click through rates than you do with other paid advertising

How to get started

Get in touch with our team

To enquire about advertising on Fountain, please send us an email and we will respond to you within 24 hours.
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We can help produce your creative

If you need help creating audio for your ad, we get your voiceover recorded and edited for a small additional cost.

We will prepare your ad for launch

Once we have received your payment, give us 24-hours to prepare your ad before it appears on the Discover page.

Receive weekly reports

We will send you a weekly report breaking down your spend, listens, clicks and CPMs.
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