E94: Morgen Rochard on Building Origin, Bitcoin Financial Planning, and Payment Regulations
E94: Morgen Rochard on Building Origin, Bitcoin Financial Planning, and Payment Regulations
The Kevin Rooke Show

Morgen Rochard is the founder of Origin Wealth Advisers, a CFA, CFP, and a well-known Bitcoin advocate.

In our conversation, we spoke about the challenge of preserving one’s wealth on a fiat standard, the things Bitcoin does and does not fix, and regulations and tax implications of Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments.

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00:00 - Intro

02:14 - Morgen Rochard Intro

13:10 - Personal Finance and Monetary Incentives

20:50 - Bitcoin Fixes This, But Not All Things

27:25 - Dealing with Bitcoin Volatility

40:51 - Getting Bitcoin Exposure

52:43 - Implications of Earning Bitcoin

59:29 - Capital Gains & Record Keeping

1:18:38 - The Lightning Round

80,085 sats
14 Feb
Morgen, masterpiece as always! thanks for all the info :) keep it up Kevin!
5,000 sats
31 Jan
Nice conversation. I like how Morgen tries to bring reason to taxes, inheritance, and overall record keeping. But I hope Morgen knows bitcoin could obsolete her business.
500 sats
31 Jan
great point! somone has to report to IRS about your dealings like a centralized app
500 sats
31 Jan
an index fund? for the next 10 years?? boooo!!
500 sats
30 Jan
Yep them management fees!!
500 sats
8 Feb
500 sats
1 Feb
Thank you for the episode. It was very interesting.
500 sats
24 Feb
Morgen Rochard- always a class act and a unicorn in financial planning