"Your Why Has To Be Bigger Than Your Disappointment"
Living Up In A Down World

"Your Why Has To Be Bigger Than Your Disappointment"

15 Nov • 57m
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Jimmy and Annette discuss the power of getting your "Why." Your "Why" has to be bigger than your "What." If you want to survive the storms of life, the disappointments that come, and the pain of loss, then grab a cup of coffee and fasten your seatbelt, because this show is moving fast!


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16 Nov
Amother dynamite episode! Y'all were on fire!!
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16 Nov
What a good word! I love that Jesus never quits on me, even though there have been times I don’t consider Him. I was “on fire” early too and grew quickly then grew weary and then stopped attending church and he had kept on me to keep perusing Him as he continues to persue me. I am thankful for the patience and grace of God. Blessings to you both! -Sir Wes
Thanks Sir Wes for the encouragement! Stay the course brother and keep your buckets leaky! - PJ 🪣💦