Episode 15: Utreexo
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Episode 15: Utreexo

Oct 30 2020 • 31m
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Show Notes

On this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, Aaron and Sjors are once again joined by Ruben Somsen. This time, the trio doesn’t discuss one of Somsen’s own proposals, but they dive into a concept by Tadge Dryja called Utreexo.   Helpful links:   Support the Show! Follow Bitcoin Magazine on Twitter @BitcoinMagazine Follow Aaron van Wirdum @AaronvanW Follow Sjors Provoost @provoost Follow Ruben Somsen @SomsenRuben   Music: Song Title: Segwit Sounds By: The NakamoTones Album: Citadel Music Produced by: Bitcoin Audio
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