510: Thinking in Decades
510: Thinking in Decades
LINUX Unplugged
The push for free software takes years, maybe even generations. Brent gets the inside story from the Free Software Foundation Europe. Special Guest: Matthias Kirschner.
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18 May • Podcast Index
Boost for the "1 million sat challenge"! I think it would be neat to have a cross-over episode with the Bitcoin Dad. Perhaps an exploration of how Dad uses Linux/FOSS to manage his Bitcoin workflows. If Dad doesn't use Linux/FOSS, then this episode would be an opportunity for FOSS conversion. What do you think?
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21 May
This is my zip code boost. Also i may be biased but i have to give a +1 to Austin BBQ. Thanks for all the great content.
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17 May
just another nudge for that ham episode. I’ll sweeten the deal with this. i currently run an aprs digipeater that uses Linux to send aprs packets to aprs.fi. ham operators in the area use it for things like position reporting (gps) and weather reporting. technically you don’t need a license if the only thing you’re doing is receiving and relaying to aprs.fi but I also retransmit which does require a license. you don’t need a lot to get started. i began with a raspberry pi and $20 5 watt radio.
Todd from Northern VA
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15 May • Podcast Index
Boosting to boost the show to over a million in boosts.
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20 May • Podcast Index
How about adding more tiers to the Jupiter.Party membership options? I imagine there are listeners that could/would contribute more than the $16/month.
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19 May • Podcast Index
Also loving this 'Bounty Boost' idea! Maybe there can be a web page showing the current bounties and their progress. A dedicated lightning address for each bounty would be cool for detailed stats and a sort of 'audience poll' to what gets funded first but also might be a pain to manage, maybe just a Bounty Bucket? This could be a great way to crowd fund hardware upgrades, studio equipment, meet up road trips, Brents Gallivanting etc. :D Maybe something simple like a new ball mouse to start?
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14 May
Pre listen boostaroni to continue showing support! Go boosts!
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19 May • Podcast Index
I love the million Sat challenge but I think we can do better than that! I'm boring and don't have good topic ideas but I am super tempted to game the system just to troll. 😈 Small boost for today but maybe this ruffles some feathers and we see some proper large boost trolling. 😈
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15 May
tell you what, you were right on with the post code ;) My home country is Malaysia but I've moved to Germany to pursue my studies!
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19 May
Happy that Valve finally fixed the Elder Scrolls Online launcher in Proton Experimental, so now I can listen to Unplugged while I quest on my Steam deck.
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16 May
Great episode! So, i dont drink, but, Kentucky Bourbon, KC BBQ. i know i cant boost a lot, but, what other ways can a guy like me contribute? that would be a really sweet segment. i know the Time/Talent/Treasure model, but, what kinds of things would JB need in those categories?
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14 May
Largest boost for a show topic is intriguing but I wonder if it should be nerfed a bit to make it more democratic (yes, I know in the US largest donors get what they want but one can dream). I’m thinking instead you do a dynamic boost poll where a topic idea boost greater or equal to 1k gets the topic on the board and then other boosters can +1 it for 1k sats. Also, each order of magnitude above 1k adds a +1 vote to make it harder to just buy a show topic outright. Thoughts?
19 May
My proposal wasn’t intended to replace how the JB crew selects show topics. it was meant to be supplemental, as there are weeks when we won’t reach 1 million sats. So, the fear of disenfranchising some listeners is relatively low.
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14 May
sat splits error for crew. trying again.