Forget downloads, "Listen Time" maybe a better way to measure podcast success.
Podnews Weekly Review

Forget downloads, "Listen Time" maybe a better way to measure podcast success.

20 Jan • 1hr 17m
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Special Guest Interviews:Jonas Woost - co-founder of Bumper writes about "A better way to measure podcast success: Listen Time"Lex Friedman is moving on from his role at Amazon and Wondery and is to become a full-time consultant at Lex Friedman Consulting.Top News StoriesExclusive: Google Podcasts has been removed from Google Search.  Now, a Google search for a podcast no longer shows any play buttons linking to the service or any links to Google Podcasts.Open podcast analytics service OP3 has published its method of calculating downloads, including links to code.Cloudflare has launched Wildebeest, an ActivityPub and Mastodon-compatible server. Support the showConnect With Us: Email: Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡ and ⚡ Mastodon: and Support us: Get Podnews: Podnews Live (London) Sep 27: Tickets on sale now!
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10,000 sats
23 Jan
James - I think you spending your time with Mastodon is worth while. and the crew behind Hachyderm are working on the scaling and performance issues. I think the work they are doing, plus what people will learn from Cloudflare’s new service, is likely to drive things forward in a positive way. Personally, I expect some or all of the Mastodon source code to be rewritten in a more performant way (likely in another language) sooner rather than later.
I sure hope so! I like writing code that is performant, and services that run quickly on even low-powered machines. Mastodon seems... not that yet.
2,222 sats
21 Jan
TikTok Podcasts 🤣. I also listened to this really great podcast the other day. It was two people in front of me speaking #reallifepodcasting
2,222 sats
20 Jan
Apple’s only "cutting their nose to spite their face" if they’ve given up their position as tastemaker to someone else, but their market share doesn't appear at risk. Otherwise, how does Apple benefit from promoting any other type of show? The “Hot on Fountain” chart can’t drive the same extraordinary traffic, but it has the same incentives: promote the type of shows that benefit the platform.
1,000 sats
21 Jan
Hi guys it’s IJlien from the Netherlands again. Thank you for keeping me updated again. I started a podcast about podcast news and what’s happening in the industry for my fellow Dutchies and ofcourse Podnews is a fantastisch source along with other newsletters as HotPod and Sounds Profitable. Very excited to see where Sam’s Podfans is going. Have a great week! PS still earning my sats through Fountain, happy to see they added the optoin to buy sats directly from your bank account
100 sats
26 Jan
Just switched to Fountain. Love the concept of using the metrics of Listen Time as opposed to plays or downloads. Could a rating per listen or download be determined out of 100? So, if I listen to 97% off this episode, you receive a rating of 97, which can then be aggregated over all listens , all platforms. I reckon advertisers would love that, imagine the different between a podcast with an average rating of 80+, as ooposed to one with 50 or less. Love ya work team.