Episode #235 – Stranger Than Fiction  – Randumb Thoughts Podcast
Episode #235 – Stranger Than Fiction – Randumb Thoughts Podcast
Randumb Thoughts
Canadians have low standards for killing people, digital seances are now a thing, Target is afraid that they’ll be the next Bud Light, and Spotify ruined a bestselling novel concept before it could be written. All that and more on today’s Randumb Thoughts! Thanks for listening! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Sir Sean of the Allegheny ValleyTHANK YOU! PLEASE …
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25 May
I wish more people would adopt the live and let live mindset. I feel that the people who are pushing all this “woke” mentality have lives that are so meaningless, this is their only way to feel relevant. They would be happier if they worried less about how everyone else lives and just try to have the best life experience they can. Ok, back to reality now and this boost is for the past three shows. I’ll try harder to stay current.