1609 - "Pain Sponge"
No Agenda

1609 - "Pain Sponge"

19 Nov • 3hr 13m
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No Agenda Episode 1609 - "Pain Sponge"

"Pain Sponge"
Executive Producers:
Sir Prime Doctor of Illuminated Thinking
Barron of the Philippines
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Sir Ronald Lafferty
Sir Andy of the Axxholes
Cheryl Singer
SirFace Noise, Defender of the 33 and 1/3
Sir Nacho Alcatraz
Sir Mustang Racer
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Gordon Walton
Lady N
Linda Lupatkin
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Sir Prime Doctor of Illuminated Thinking
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Anthony Trusgnich
Jake or Jacob
Sir Ronald Lafferty
Cliff Elliott
Art By: PetRex
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Mark van Dijk - Systems Master
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Good prediction -> Altman apparently joined Microsoft 🎯🎯🎯
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trump is greatest threat to humanity. msnbc told me so
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