Spotify launches audiobooks globally. Anchor is still alive but Libsyn Studio is dead.
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Spotify launches audiobooks globally. Anchor is still alive but Libsyn Studio is dead.

25 Nov • 39m
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News & LinksAudiobooks are now available on Spotify in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They'd launched in the US in SeptemberSpotify Updates NotificationsSpotify’s Anchor has added “audio enhancement” to its appSpotify has signed another exclusive: Anything Goes with Emma ChamberlainSpotify announced the expansion of NextGenDan Misener at Bumper has looked at the new topics that Apple Podcasts and he’s produced a number of network maps, designed to show links between different shows; and produced episode topic maps for every category in Apple PodcastsLibsyn has closed its free podcast hosting platform, Libsyn StudioZeitpedia is using Generative AI voices to produce audio news digests. Here’s an AI-generated podcast called World Cup 2022 News NowMatt Mullenweg (@photomatt) said “Come to @tumblr, we're adding activitypub for interconnect"Mastodon has just passed over 2 million active monthly users, a new record! If you add .rss to the end of someone’s account page - then you get an RSS feed. Find Fediverse accounts of your Twitter followers. https://fedifinder.glitch.meLeo Laporte is to retire from radio.Support the showConnect With Us: Email: Twitter: @jamescridland / @podnews and @samsethi / @joinpodfans Lightning/NOSTR: ⚡ and ⚡ Mastodon: and Support us: Get Podnews:
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25 Nov
Robot voices insult my ears and intelligence.
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25 Nov
Thanks for coming to the meetup and bringing along some people James. I'll make sure to add it to the events page next time to save you some trouble 😁
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25 Nov
So you have said castamatic got an update and you can get it on ios and android. Is thst really true? I couldn't find castamatic on Google play and Google play isn't mentioned on their website at all
catamatic is iOS only
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26 Nov
Where is this podclock feed? I haven’t had luck finding it and it sounds great
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26 Nov
Your Dutch is getting better by the week! A perfect reason to send my first ever boost. Sorry it’s only 100, still figuring out how to buy sats. Anyway Thanks for keeping me updated on podcasting news every week. Bedankt! Groetjes uit Nederland