Episode 145: Valudation
Podcasting 2.0

Episode 145: Valudation

8 Sep • 1hr 59m
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Podcasting 2.0 September 8th 2023 Episode 145: "Valuedation"
Adam & Dave Review the music 'industry' vs the V4V opportunity - Board members Alberto and Cameron join us for the IPFS Podcasting roundtable

Cameron and Alberto
We are LIT
$PODC Trading
Top 100 Chart
Russ Says His Album Sales Are Undercounted, Calls Out Major Labels | Complex
Ron Ploof Board meeting report
Cameron's analysis of IPFS Boostagram BAll
Clubhouse is pivoting from live audio to group messaging
Courtside Group, Inc. Common Stock (PODC) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance
MKUltra chat
Transcript Search
What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at
V4V Stats

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68,848 sats
9 Sep
Boots on the ground report: Jupiter Broadcasting is distributing our Office Hours podcast via ipfspodcasting, and it's working well! our community is busy spinning up nodes to help support the network and we're looking into firing up some gateway too. it feels like the final piece to truly be sovereign with our infrastructure! 🔥
Kolomona - Sir Libre
33,333 sats
14 Sep • CurioCaster
Dearest Adam and Dave, I would like to draw your attention to a new v4v music podcast much in the style, yet less refined than the world renowned Boostagram Ball. This one features the highly energetic, hard core headbanging that only metal music can provide. Please join Kolomona (Coal-low-Mona) - AKA Sir Libre, on Lightning Thrashes, the world's first Heavy Metal v4v Music show at also, is still pretty awesome. Oy!, Kolomona ;)
33,015 sats
15 Sep
Hello podcasting 2.0 frens, Adam and Dave, I wanna recommend the podcast called “planet rage” which can be found at www dot planetrage dot show ( ). It's reminiscent of "No Agenda," but features half-Polish Darren O’Neil in place of half-Polish Dvorak, and half-Irish Larry instead of half-Scottish Adam. Larry has such a deep voice that when he speaks, every woman nearby thinks her phone just vibrated. Yo!, CSB.
Mike Neumann
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15 Sep • CurioCaster
Double-Stryper Boost from the day job biz trip this week. Love tracking the v4v music developments and stacking tunes into the "It's A Mood" track list for the next episode. Kudos to StevenB's Music v4v commun-i-tay forming in Telegram. Go Podcasting!
5,000 sats
8 Sep
Dave’s audio is a bit distracting. but it’s not horribly bad as someone else commented. good show regardless!
4,444 sats
9 Sep
Top 100 playlist would be amazing, I would 100% use that. 100%. Come on Dave, say it again (you know you want to) 😏
2,222 sats
12 Sep
ipfs gateways sound like a great idea!! — McIntosh
1,111 sats
9 Sep
showing my brother podcasting 2.0
333 sats
8 Sep
honestly I think Dave sounded better b4. it sounds overly compressed or something like unnatural.
333 sats
8 Sep
you 100% sound like a robot. it’s hard to listen 2…
one thing I love. to critique or criticize you just Boost! I respect that. but yea it’s quite distracting no doubt. I just wouldn’t of sent 3 separate comments friend! #ITM
yea it’s distracting Is a better way to put it…
100 sats
8 Sep