1608 - "Woke Up Dead"
No Agenda

1608 - "Woke Up Dead"

16 Nov • 3hr 18m
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No Agenda Episode 1608 - "Woke Up Dead"

"Woke Up Dead"
Executive Producers:
Baronet Sir Scott Lonergan
Dr.Sir. Vasanth Dharmaraj, Lord of Kotlin
Sir Patrick The Keeper of Atoms
Sir Joe, "Protector of the Data Packets and all who transport them
Baronet Sir Chancey of the Netherworld
The Mayor of Cypress
Sir Ercadm from BC
Baronet Sir Lqtm
Dame Cindy of the Tito’s
Forrest Tucker
Associate Executive Producers:
Sir Dr. Eye of the Beautiful View
Peter Karnowski
Suni Rose
Linda Lupatkin
Daniel King
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Title Changes
Scott Lonergan > baronet
Sir Chancey of the Netherworld> baronet
Sir Lqtm> baronet
PhD Graduates:
Sir Scott Lonergan
Vasanth Dharmaraj
Patrick McGurgan
Joe Clemens
Sir Chancey
The Mayor of Cypress
Mike Dacre
Knights & Dames
Cindy Sheeks > Dame Cindy of the Tito’s
Mabel Jean > Dame Momma Thunder of the Bitteroot Valley
Vasanth Dharmaraj > Dr. Sir. Vasanth Dharmaraj, Lord of Kotlin
Patrick McGurgan > Sir Patrick The Keeper of Atoms
Joe Clemens > Sir Joe, "Protector of the Data Packets and all who transport them."
Mike Dacre > Sir Ercadm from BC
Isaac Contreras > Sir Dr. Eye of the Beautiful View
Art By: Sir Shoog (aka Faux Diddley)
End of Show Mixes: Isaaac Contreras - Matty J - Ben Townshend
Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry
Mark van Dijk - Systems Master
Ryan Bemrose - Program Director
Back Office Jae Dvorak
Chapters: Dreb Scott
Clip Custodian: Neal Jones
Clip Collectors: Steve Jones & Dave Ackerman
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17 Nov
pre listen boost... I'm betting the m5m is involved in some sort of psyop scam in this episode...
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17 Nov
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19 Nov
2 dollars
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19 Nov
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17 Nov
1,608 sats
17 Nov
Mike Adams is a doom peddler and likely compromised.
1,000 sats
17 Nov
non-monolithic boost! Ultra Orthodox Jews have always been opposed to the Zionist project, they see it a corruption of Judaism. I’d guess they are more angry now because Israel’s insane government is increasing antisemitism everywhere.
567 sats
17 Nov
heart attack boost!
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18 Nov
Micro$ucks 😂
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17 Nov
No counterpart. Brilliant
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18 Nov
Cow fart Karma for all
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16 Nov
Thank you gentlemen
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16 Nov
The signal is strong…. This is the way