E86: Ben Price on Building The Bitcoin Company, OpenSats, and Improving Payments with Lightning
E86: Ben Price on Building The Bitcoin Company, OpenSats, and Improving Payments with Lightning
The Kevin Rooke Show

Ben Price is the co-founder and CEO of The Bitcoin Company (TBC), an app that allows anyone to earn Bitcoin for all their shopping.

In our conversation, we discussed how TBC’s app works, the challenge of disrupting credit card and loyalty point networks all over the world, the importance of the Lightning Network, and the work Ben is doing on OpenSats.

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00:00 - Intro

02:23 - Ben Price Intro

06:45 - How VISA Payments Work

15:56 - Why Are Fiat Payments So Complicated?

18:38 - How The Bitcoin Company Works

29:08 - Why Merchants Like Credit Cards

39:00 - Disrupting Credit Cards and Airline Rewards

51:33 - Bitcoin Banks

1:01:19 - What Payments Will People Make on Lightning?

1:10:30 - What Is OpenSats?

1:17:13 - The Lightning Round

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great episode. card-linked offers ftw
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this episode was excellent. thank you for always great content. side note his point to “the government shouldn’t know I buy bugles” is not only amazing but so true