What Do People Really Desire? | Encouraging Behaviour That You Want In Others
Mere Mortals

What Do People Really Desire? | Encouraging Behaviour That You Want In Others

17 Nov • 1hr 16m
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We want to do more than thank our supporters, but how do we do that?In Episode #421 of 'Musings', Juan & I discuss: economic and behavioural incentives, why I think most of macro economics is bullshit, accidently encouraging the wrong behaviour, why we want Mere Mortalites to feel good and about listening/contributing back and spitballing ideas on how we can make this happen. Massive thanks to Petar, McIntosh, Amorphous Continuum, Oscar Merry, Liam F & Sarah Jade. We're cooking up ways to give even more back to you.Timeline:(0:00) - Intro(0:36) - Juan's new place(1:50) - Today's topic(4:52) - Missing the trees for the trees(7:18) - Humans can't be predicted(13:36) - Behavioural(22:06) - Chaos theory & Squid Game(27:14) - Training a baby(31:37) - Boostagram Lounge(39:41) - What we want(55:25) - How to encourage it(1:02:40) - Experimenting with iffy tests(1:08:45) - Summary(1:13:01) - V4V: Send in a boostValue 4 Value Support:Boostagram: with Mere Mortals:Website: the show
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19 Nov
Boosting your own show under a fake fan identity is dishonest and that is immoral. Boosting your own show under your real name is just pathetic if it"s to gain ranking in the algorithm. Most people have decided it's better to live a virtuous life and nor be immoral or pathetic. Living a virtuous life is rewarding and incentivising on it's own.
100%. There'll always be someone though. It's funny how we have all these unwritten rules though. Imagine trying to codify all the social etiquette of what most people would say is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour