Episode 46: The Chivo App (First Look)
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Episode 46: The Chivo App (First Look)

Oct 11 2021 • 53m
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In this episode of Bitcoin, Explained (formerly known as The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado) hosts Aaron van Wirdum and Sjors Provoost discuss the Chivo application, the Bitcoin wallet, and payment terminal provided by the government of El Salvador. This episode is a little bit different from other episodes of Bitcoin, Explained, because the Chivo app is closed source software. Instead of analyzing the source code and design of the application, Aaron and Sjors have to rely on Aaron’s personal experience with the wallet and payment terminal or what he remembers of that personal experience. The episode opens with some general information about the Chivo Wallet, like why it was developed and who developed it (insofar anything is known about that). Aaron and Sjors go on to discuss Aaron’s experiences with the wallet and speculate what that means for the design. After that, they discuss the design of the payment terminal that’s included in the application, and also briefly touch on the Chivo ATMs that have been deployed across the country. Finally, Aaron and Sjors discuss the difference in philosophy between the design of the Chivo application and Bitcoin’s free and open-source software culture. --------------------------------------------- Bitcoin Magazine is back in print! Get Bitcoin Magazine shipped directly to your front door! Get 21% off with promo code: MAG21   "The Deep Dive" delivers the latest Bitcoin on-chain market intelligence directly to your inbox! Get 1 Month free with promo code: PODCAST   Bitcoin 2022 will be the biggest Bitcoin conference ever! Miami, FL from April 6–9, 2022 Get 15% off tickets with promo code: MAG21
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