64: "Don't Yelp Me"
Curry and The Keeper

64: "Don't Yelp Me"

16 Nov • 1hr 32m
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Curry & The Keeper - November 15th 2023 Episode 64 - "Don't Yelp Me"

Art by: Craig Weinberg

Executive Producer: 33 over ten - Mark Hartwell
Associate Executive Producer: phil_calvin
Salmon Yay's Mark Hartwell
Mexico Trip
David G The Flying CEO Coach
Robbie Williams Doc
Morning Show episode Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age (Audible Audio Edition): Naomi Wolf, Carolyn White, Chelsea Green Publishing Company: Books
Unwanted visitor
My perfect teeth cleaning
Canary Cry News
Craig & Calvin
Surgeon General Lunch
Carnivore today interview Pastor Jimmy
Meat Pray Love
Proverbs 17
Praying the minute someone asks me for prayers
My revelation that we're only here for a short while and server him before we go to heaven, there's no end
Tasting Room Goodies
The Wine

Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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123,456 sats
16 Nov
I’m making up for missing a Boost from last week. 🫣 Yes to “Butter on Stick!!!” Adam, you’re a man after my own heart! “Carnovorage,” I love the new term! I’ll be using it! So, the Power Twins (The Keeper and Dame Annette) will be going to the Phil Wickham concert in Austin… so the boys need to schedule a “Bro Date” for that night! Great show!!! Love you both… KTLD, KYBo, and 🥩🙏🏼❤️… 🪣💦
61,200 sats
16 Nov
Truth is a person; seek wisdom, find Christ.
33,444 sats
22 Nov
What a wonderful meetup this weekend!! It was great to see the Curry’s, the Pruitt’s, the OTHER Adam, Shannon from Houston who is the first person I ever met at a meetup, the first-timer with the curly red hair who’s name I’ve forgotten (I’m so sorry), Kris, and the Morgan’s! I wish I’d had more time to talk to everybody but I’m Sir Brian so I was in high demand with people asking if my girlfriend was real. It was a great warmup for Indy! Can’t wait to see the Midwest crew on the 4th! ITE y’all!
33,333 sats
17 Nov
Boost! Boost! Boost! hey my buddy Dave (Paster Dave) wants to send you two his new book coming out. it’s a daily devotional for Christmas season. mind shouting out best way to find the PO Box next episode? cheers 🥂
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18 Nov
Howdy lovebirds, Tina and Adam, This is the last boostagram from me for 2023, I’ll be back in 2024. — Yo!, CSB.
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18 Nov
i have nothing no comment except you guys are the best. 43!
correction: nothing to comment
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22 Nov
Don’t taste me, bro! Sir Vince of the PNW
3,333 sats
22 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow SalmonYays & corksoakers 🦃🍷
2,222 sats
21 Nov
ITE! there were 2 Adam's in the back, i thought I was hiding behind you Tina 😂😎
500 sats
22 Nov
ITE! A quick Thanksgiving Prayer for all the cork soakers in vineyard nation. I am grateful for you all. Remember you are what you eat. Sir Sean