BitcoinCorners - 038: Decentralize Your Understanding of Bitcoin w/ Bob!

BitcoinCorners - 038: Decentralize Your Understanding of Bitcoin w/ Bob!

15 Sep • 50m
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|SEPT MPLS BITCOIN MEETUP: Sept 27th @O'Shaugnessy Distilling Company at 6pm - Speaker TBD||MLPS BITCOIN BOOK CLUB (quarterly): A Progressive's Case for Bitcoin - October 11 @6pm @O'Shaughnessy Distilling|~~Fountain Podcast Show Link~~SHOW NOTES:3:30 - Dylan on "Crypto" integrity5:00 - Swan situation9:30 - Saif on The Economist12:45 - Nayib on Fitch Ratings17:00 - Wicked on Pheonix22:00 - John on "bitcoins" vs "sats"25:00 - Danny w/ Snowden quote27:00 - Rizzo on historic bitcoin wallets28:15 - Lopp on password security29:00 - Lopp on 22 years of TSA30:00 - Lopp on govt agencies birthed from 9/1135:00 - Lubka on Swan situation35:30 - Dylan ruffling feathers37:00 - Christiane w/ Paul Krugman video39:00 - Walker w/ JoeSquawk video40:00 - BTC Mag on Franklin Templeton ETF app40:30 - Coinbase launching lightning services41:00 - LP Capital on potential failure of bitcoin44:00 - Larry on childhood poverty49:30 - Nick's hot (wrong) take Collin's Twitter Chris' Twitter
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50,000 sats
16 Sep
Another great episode! Collin, it was great seeing you at last month's meetup! Stay humble and stack sats.
1,451 sats
15 Sep
wow, bob’s personal stories of life’s lost in GFC of08 was powerful and file to the bitcoin’s mission statement. also second reference for self directed 401k enables you to use you tax deferred 401k and buy spot bitcoin and hold you own keys. no need to wait for black rocks Walled garden. you are the educators of the plebs… get the news out there before we are hurded into the fee farms of institutional btc etfs!! unchained has a product like this for starters but look up “checkbook IRAs”
1,222 sats
16 Sep
Just found your show. Well done gents! Time to work back through some previous episodes.
214 sats
16 Sep
great podcast