63: "Beefin' Up"
Curry and The Keeper

63: "Beefin' Up"

9 Nov • 1hr 15m
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Curry & The Keeper - November 8th 2023 Episode 63 - "Beefin' Up"

Art by: Craig Weinberg

Executive Producer: 33 over ten
Associate Executive Producer:
Salmon Yay's ---
Responses to last week's show
Tina's health
Trip tomorrow
David & Karen dinner
Psalm 90
Phoebe is adorable
The Club with Pastor Jimmy & Dame Annette
LUIADW - Sir Patrick Coble - Veterans Day - November 11th - Observed Friday the 10th
Loving our Church time together
New services at Bridge
Tasting Room Goodies
The Wine

Bridge Church Fredericksburg Texas
3 Apps with purchase built in - MoonPay
PO Box 1849 - Fredericksburg Texas 78624

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10 Nov
A few sats for the sad puppy photo. #fight-Pheobie's-foodnoise is what we feed our ancient labradork.
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15 Nov
Hey y’all! Just a friendly reminder that there is a meetup this weekend in FEMA Region #6 at Doc’s Backyard! Come meet the Curry’s, the Pruitt’s, and of course, me, the bane of Adam’s existence, as well as other Gitmo Nation slaves, cork soakers, and believers! Boost me a drink and I’ll tell you a joke! Fine print. All sales are final. No returns. Thank y’all for continuing to support the best shows in the entire Podverse! ITM, ITE, and Live up, y’all! Bring dogs. Tina. Don’t forget my coasters!
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14 Nov
Howdy inamoratos, Tina and Adam, I’d like to invite cork soakers to tune into the "Just Two Good Old Boys" podcast, available at www dot justtwogoodoldboys dot com. It's hosted by 2 Texans, Ben, a native Texan, and Gene. What sets this podcast apart is the hosts' extensive experience in the corporate sector and their yuge travel expertise, which contrasts with most podcasters who are clueless about these things. Yo!, CSB.
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11 Nov
Boost for Mexico! Sir Vince of the PNW
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14 Nov