E49: Paul Itoi on Stakwork, Sphinx Chat, Earning Bitcoin, and AI vs. Humans
E49: Paul Itoi on Stakwork, Sphinx Chat, Earning Bitcoin, and AI vs. Humans
The Kevin Rooke Show

Paul Itoi has built two of the most popular Lightning applications to date, Sphinx Chat and Stakwork. These platforms already enable people to chat and earn over the Lightning Network, and Paul’s vision for where these platforms will go next is incredible.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Paul and I discussed the concept of earning Bitcoin, how AIs and humans can work together to truly build a world computer, and how decentralized knowledge graphs can help people learn faster than ever.

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00:00 - Intro

02:26 - Paul Itoi Intro

05:29 - Why Build on Lightning?

10:36 - What is Stakwork?

14:53 - How Humans and AIs Can Work Together

21:10 - How Earning Bitcoin Can Change The Way We Work

32:52 - Stakwork’s Real World Impact Today

46:19 - Sphinx & Their Decentralized Knowledge Graph

51:47 - Knowledge Graph Use Cases

1:04:36 - What Else Will Be Built on Bitcoin?

1:08:49 - The Lightning Round

5,550 sats
5 Jun
New Word: Wallet Sweeper - a show thats so good that you send all the sats you have on hand! Thats what this show was
500 sats
6 Jun
It’s funny because it’s true!
5,000 sats
2 Jun
Really interesting discussion. Haven't even heard of the concept of a knowledge graph before.
3,333 sats
1 Jun
wow, this interveiw blew my mind on whats possible using LN and international microtask work, very cool
250 sats
1 Jun
loved the show. working in data science this episode was incredible
100 sats
2 Jun
if the stakwork task worker is anonymous, how can stakwork claim that workers are working a max of two hours a day? Can't a worker have multiple accounts?
10 sats
20 Aug