Conscious Parenting Series: Homeschooling with Scott and Tali

Conscious Parenting Series: Homeschooling with Scott and Tali

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-- The social definition of education versus what it actually is?
-- The problems with our current system of education
-- Homeschooling as an education for both the parent and the teacher
-- Resources available to homeschooling parents
-- Reactions from family and friends about their decision to homeschool
-- Advantages of having many little learning moments throughout the day
-- Common FUD: socialization and students’ ability to “succeed” in the real world
-- Using technology for actively instead of passively (education versus entertainment)
-- The deflationary force of technology, artificial intelligence, and adapting to advancement -- Is homeschooling as difficult as it seems?
-- The endless range of resources and possibilities for all lifestyles
-- Where to start and figuring out government requisites
-- The importance of validation as a parent
-- Scott and Tali’s games and books; using them as an ice breaker

Scott and Tali Contact and Value for Value:

Tali has a podcast focusing on orange piling women:

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Twitter: @scottlindberg93, @freemarketkids, @ketuckyianabtc, @bitcoinrising21


Tali’s greatest lesson from their children:
“Don’t assume your child’s motivations...” “ careful of what you are assuming when you react to your children.”

Scott’s greatest lesson from their children:
“...parenting does not revolve around you [the parent], it’s a very humbling experience, and I think that’s why people say they learned more from their kids than they taught [them].

-- “Homeschoolers are Bitcoiners Who Don’t Know it Yet” by Scott --
-- Citadel Dispatch Episode with Scott and Tali
-- Ken Robinson and How Schools Kill Creativity
-- The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth
-- The Robinson Family Method
-- Tali’s “Where to Start” page
-- Government requirements page
-- “I Hear You” book

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