Finding the Bitcoin Connection with Bitkiwi Paul

Finding the Bitcoin Connection with Bitkiwi Paul

The Transformation of Value

I talk with Bitkiwi Paul, co-organiser of Bitkiwi, New Zealand’s premier Bitcoin events. 

We talk about quite a few things: minimalism in what we own, the work of Art in the Age of AI, meaning making and the role of sports in the nation state, all seen through a Bitcoin lens.

I am glad to share that I will be back in New Zealand soon and will be at the Bitkiwi 10 event on Saturday July 20th in Christchurch. As part of the event I will be hosting a panel talk about the Future of Bitcoin in New Zealand with some great guests. 

If you will be around come join us, the event is free and open to all and you can even buy your drinks with Bitcoin.

Bitkiwi 10 details:

The event will take place from 1pm - 5pm, Saturday July 20th, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and will be held at the Dux Central, Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central. 

The Panel talk will begin at 1:30pm sharp.


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