Ep 305 Destroying the Keynesian Worldview with Saifedean Ammous
Liberty Lockdown

Ep 305 Destroying the Keynesian Worldview with Saifedean Ammous

14 Sep • 1hr 34m
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Today I'm joined with the Bitcoin maestro himself. The man who orange pilled Jordan Peterson. Saifedean Ammous is also advising Nayib Bukele on the path to hard money as a nation for El Salvador. Plus we dunk on Paul Krugman a whole bunch, enjoy!
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69,420 sats
15 Sep
One of your best interviews ever Clint! Seriously man, congrats
3,000 sats
18 Sep
some BTC for an excellent discussion
101 sats
19 Sep
I’m not smart. they are dumb.
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15 Sep
Great episode!
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22 Sep
This chat helped me embrace my inner peasant sewer rat. Inflation is great!