Read 10. Bitcoin is NOT Democratic, by Beautyon. 2014
Read 10. Bitcoin is NOT Democratic, by Beautyon. 2014
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Bitcoin history continues, with a slightly later piece than the prior. Only 3 years of difference, but certainly the next Era of Bitcoin. You can see the fidelity of the thinking increase and the level of glorious 'toxic' defence emerge.

Beautyon is a true champion of Bitcoin and he gets it more than most ever have or ever will.

Once again, reading it today is humbling, e specially when you realise it's more than 8 years old.

The patience and foresight is staggering.

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3,456 sats
16 Aug
I was lucky enough to have found Beautyon's writing back in 2015-2016 early enough in my journey down the rabbithole. He also had a great short run podcast series as well I want to say in 2017? that was good at hammering these points as well. To bad he's such a soft bitch on Twitter, somehow I ended up on his 7000+ block list 🤷‍♂️ someone being proud of blocking that many people with solid bitcoiner's caught in the crossfire is a pussy imo. (Don't feel like you need to read this out next recap)
16 Aug
OR maybe he's just being Elitist and not giving a fuck (which is fine) and I'm just butthurt I can't see his timeline anymore.
2,500 sats
24 Aug
The biggest problem with democracy is that it conflates freedom with the right to vote. Freedom is diametrically opposed to the right to vote. There is a clear difference between having the right to spend your money as you want and having the right to vote on how you can spend your money. An individual can’t truly be free if someone else gets to vote on their rights. Democracy has to be one of the biggest scams in recent history along with web3, defi, nfts, and all of the other ”BloCKcHAiN” shit
1,021 sats
12 Aug
Democracy is a sugar-coated version of tyranny designed for sheep - the proverbial "telling someone to fuck off and getting them to look forward to it"
600 sats
16 Aug
Love these historical reads. Beautyon is of course correct that Bitcoin is not democratic. I’ve described it as a 100% consensus network, which is why it’s so hard to change, because since when do 100% of people agree on anything.
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11 Aug
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28 Aug
cheers Alex… Thank you Beautyon for your philosophy and foresight on the voluntarian perspective of bitcoin
500 sats
12 Aug
Bitcoin is not democratic or demoncrazy as we have it elsewhere
200 sats
11 Aug
Another banger! Have you covered Elite Theory and how it interacts with Bitcoin yet?
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12 Aug
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12 Aug
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13 Aug
yes! wake up