Texas Slim on the Brazilian Cattle Drive, People Eating Bugs & the Major Food Industrial Shift
Texas Slim on the Brazilian Cattle Drive, People Eating Bugs & the Major Food Industrial Shift
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Texas Slim rejoins me to discuss the rise in processing plant fires, the squeeze on animal protein, people eating bugs, the new level of poverty we're creating rn w/ hyperinflation & ultimately how we're going through a major global food industrial shift & what that means for you.

Texas Slim is the author of the Harvest of Deception, the source of the seed, high walue lifestyles, political beef deception, we are overfed and undernourished, he's the founder of the beef initiative and food intelligence, the host of texas slims vision and a he's bad ass by default. 

Texas Slim was on episode #82 on The Harvest of Deception, False Commodities & The One World Food Group

And more recently episode #95 on The Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural Complex, Food Intelligence & The Harvest of Deception Part 2 

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Ranchers are going to end up being the pioneers of the new economy, using BTC to usher in a direct to customer market access that most people don’t even know they need yet.
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