How Bitcoin Cleanses Perception & Fosters Self-Acceptance w/ Nozomi Hayase
How Bitcoin Cleanses Perception & Fosters Self-Acceptance w/ Nozomi Hayase
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Nozomi Hayase is a prolific writer in the bitcoin space, exploring some of the deeper elements of this cultural phenomenon, in particular how and why bitcoin seems to be fostering profound individual transformations.  

As this is a topic that I too like to explore, I felt it was time we got together for a chat.  



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14 Aug
28 Aug
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6 Aug
This was a conversation I was really hoping would happen and it was great!
28 Aug
Nozomi is great. Glad you enjoyed it.🍻
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8 Aug
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20 Aug
love you brother
28 Aug
back at ya brother🍻
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6 Aug
Deeply resonated with every bit of this, and love the matching wavelengths between John and Nozomi. ☺️ Two bitcoiners evolving consensus, and many of us nodes participating on the network, propagating the signal - each with beautifully unique individuality. Let’s go! Appreciate what you all are doing 🙏
28 Aug
Really happy to it resonated with you. Something special happening..🍻🙏👊
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5 Aug
amazing! keep it up!
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31 Aug
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6 Aug
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11 Aug