Ep 79: The Networked Messiah with Nozomi Hayase
Ep 79: The Networked Messiah with Nozomi Hayase
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

Nozomi is a Bitcoiner & Liberation psychologist, basically the equivalent of an Austrian economist in the psychology space.

Back by popular demand.

In this episode, we explore her latest piece, Bitcoin; The Networked Messiah.


And in particular, dive into the relationship, symbiosis and attempted erosion of both the Masculine and Feminine.

Questions we ask include:

- Where is something like religious authority important?

- Earned VS decreed authority

- The Shadow sides of the Masculine and Feminine

- Is there a difference between instinct & intuition?

My argument that modernity is caught in the struggle of the shadow of the feminine.

Tyranny, passive aggression, we’re all in this together, collectivism and deceit are all feminine characteristics

Is the relinquishing of power a transformation of the strong, protective masculine, into a dependant feminine.

It seems as though the attempt is to dissolve the ego and the individual into the mass of the collective is the transformation into feminine.

When we remove the ego, the individual, the masculine, we end up with the problem we have

The confused world is a mixture of the simultaneous erosion of both masculine, rational structure and the intuitive, feminine relationship to nature.

Hence why it seems to be a complex problem.

The founding fathers had foresight and used instinct / innate wisdom when forming the constitution.

This was strong masculine.

This was a KILLER episode.

Jack in and listen.

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