Read 7. The Milgram Experiments. "The most dangerous superstition" by Larken Rose
Read 7. The Milgram Experiments. "The most dangerous superstition" by Larken Rose
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In this episode, we take a moment to explore The Milgram Experiments, and people's propensity to inflict pain on another, by virtue of obeying perceived authority.

This is such a powerful idea, and one that sits at the bedrock of the whole Remnant / Parasite / Masses framework.

In future I'll do one the Asch experiment also.

This is a fantastic book

I hope enjoy the excerpt.

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2,000 sats
22 Jul
The Milgram experiments sure do explain a lot of the insanity we have been seeing lately
1,000 sats
16 Jul
“the left side of the curve, maybe they don’t obey as much?” I don’t know man, we’ve seen Ticos wearing their masks in 40 C degree heat by themselves in the middle of the road… 😂
1,000 sats
16 Jul
interesting that you make the distinction that “the subject of the experiment are not evil people”. what is an “evil person” if not something you derive from their behaviors and actions? the way I see it: a tool for evil is, indeed, evil; there’s no redemption in not having evil intent.
600 sats
18 Jul
that experiment is scary af. bitcoin shakes off the shackles of the fiat / authoritarian culture of blindly following orders.
121 sats
16 Jul
Excellent - I'm tickled pink by the experiment & the book. Please do some more from the book. Going to look for the book now
36 sats
11 Aug