Ep 72: Theology & Mythology. Money Messiah Pt 3 with John Vallis
Ep 72: Theology & Mythology. Money Messiah Pt 3 with John Vallis
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

"Money is to Markets, as God / Value is to Consciousness"

This marathon of a podcast was too long, so we've split it up into be a multi-part series exploring John's incredible "Money Messiah" article from earlier this year.

If you've not yet listened to part 1 and 2, go back and listen to that first for fuller context.

Episode #70, and #71.

Part Three:

A discussion on Mythology & Theology.

Myths emerged as narratives as a means to teach us a meta. 

Modes of being / operation.

Pagan, multi-variant gods as a map for multiple personalities for multiple contexts.

Mono-theistic god as the highest truth, the greatest good.

We ask a few thorny questions about Christianity and its expansion.

We talk about Nietzsche and "The Will to Power"

Who ask; "who defines good"?

And...Is there a thing such as a “greater good” ?

Is God:

The thing of highest value?

The thing of greatest truth?

The highest good?

The good is seeing / acting with a more truthful orientation?

Hence morality?

Hierarchies as an aggregate of values

The market as an aggregate of hierarchies

All of this, and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned for Part 4 and 5 of this mini-series!

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keep digging, love these conversations
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Universally Preferable Behavior is a rational proof of secular ethics. UPB is objective in it's formulation of what is a valid moral theory. I highly recommend to at least be aware of what UPB is. Molynuex also recently wrote a science fiction book about UPB and Bitcoin in his book titled The Future.