Ep 70: Money Messiah Pt 1 with John Vallis
Ep 70: Money Messiah Pt 1 with John Vallis
Svetski Wake Up Podcast

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This marathon of a podcast was too long, so we've split it up into be a multi-part series exploring John's incredible "Money Messiah" article from earlier this year.

We of course dive into more than just the article, of note; we casually discover the meaning of life...seriously...well sort of

Listen up and you'll understand what I mean.

Part one covers:

- The process of writing

- Ordering & formatting information, from the chaos of 'the subconscious void'

- How insights emerge

- Evolution as the process of discovering greater Fidelity, precision, accuracy.

- We explore the Metaphysics of Quality (Persia's work)

- We discuss Consciousness, and touch on Eric Neumann book

- Matter VS What matters (one of my favourite topics)

And a whole lot more.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this mini-series!

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Thanks again for listening.

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5,000 sats
25 May
Meant to do 5000 on last one, this is cool, I like it
1,400 sats
1 Jun
I like this idea. I don't bother doing the streaming sats anymore. instead I just send a boost at the end of the episode. I have a rate per minute I boost to pods with ads and a 4x rate I send to pods without ads. I like promoting the idea of value for value.
500 sats
25 May
Good idea, sounds good.
20 sats
26 Jul
Bitcoin lending itself to us seeking great wisdom in the older writings and religion. Brilliant conversation
10 sats
26 Jul
hyper focus on materlsium stunts our true opportunities to connect with higher purpose 🤟😉