Read_000 - Google "We Have No Moat..."
AI Unchained

Read_000 - Google "We Have No Moat..."

14 Jun • 1hr 10m
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"These contributions were pivotal in the image generation space, setting Stable Diffusion on a different path from Dall-E. Having an open model led to product integrations, marketplaces, user interfaces, and innovations that didn’t happen for Dall-E. The effect was palpable: rapid domination in terms of cultural impact vs the OpenAI solution, which became increasingly irrelevant. Whether the same thing will happen for LLMs remains to be seen, but the broad structural elements are the same." — Anonymous Google Employee

While I wasn't sure whether I would bring the "read" format to this podcast, there was just too much great material to cover and I felt I would do a disservice if I didn't make it available for the audience who wants to dive into this stuff with me fully, rather than be satisfied with a summary. So I felt the best option for a flagship read, was the article that finally tipped me over the edge to start Ai Unchained. A leaked document from a Google employee seeing the trends and compounding effects of the open source Ai movement, titled "We Have No Moat, and Neither Does OpenAI." Get ready for a great read, and the shows first Guy's Take...

To dive deeper into the links provided in the read:

Links for Ai tools and other content mentioned in the show:
Chris Lattner on Lex:
Modular announces Mojo:
RunwayML - text2video:

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10,000 sats
26 Oct
Great episode!
5,492 sats
14 Jun
self hosted AI seems so incredible almost impossible that it will be dominate and we have tech work for us
23 Jun
The future is going to be wild 🔮
2,100 sats
16 Jun
great read! This is another glimmer of hope for the future.
2,100 sats
23 Jun
I felt smarter after listening to that. thanks Guy
250 sats
21 Oct
Great episode sir. Big fan of Bitcoin Audible and I am looking forward to this podcast as well. Keep up the good work sir!
100 sats
16 Jun
Thank you
100 sats
15 Jun
great show