Understanding the Dasset Exchange Collapse from a Legal Perspective with James Swarbrick
The Transformation of Value

Understanding the Dasset Exchange Collapse from a Legal Perspective with James Swarbrick

22 Sep • 47m
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James Swarbrick is the director of Swarbricks, a Bitcoin-accepting law firm in New Zealand. We talk about his thoughts from a legal perspective about the recent collapse of the Dasset crypto exchange, as well as discuss an article he wrote about how the hack of another exchange, Cryptopia, helped develop law in New Zealand.
Finally we talk about the role of self-custody and inheritance planning for Bitcoin.

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How the Cryptopia hack helped develop law in New Zealand -
Dasset (DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE LIMITED) on the NZ Companies Office -
Grant Thornton New Zealand, Dasset Liquidators -
Herald article: "Crypto meltdown: The missing CEO and the investor who lost $5m" -
Blue Wallet: Simple and easy self-custody Bitcoin Wallet -
SeedSigner: Air-gapped DIY Bitcoin Signing Device -
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500 sats
23 Sep
Great show, really enjoyed it. Luckily i only lost a few stray dollars with Dasset. Any recommendations for an alternative exchange in NZ? I rarely sell, but occasionally needs must.
23 Sep
let's play a game .. 'spot the spook'. get a profile. get a friend. good luck.
10 Oct
If only my job were that intresting.