On Hyperbitcoinisation, Game Theory, and Faith with Dash

On Hyperbitcoinisation, Game Theory, and Faith with Dash

The Transformation of Value

I talk with Dash of the Tokyo Citadel Builders Podcast & Community.

We dive deep into some of the game theory and scenarios that Bitcoin and hyperbitcoinisation presents, as well as what the broader economic landscape may look like in the future.

Just as the internet has become far more than merely digital version of letters and newspapers, Bitcoin may not just be digital money as we know it, but an entirely new paradigm of value transfer and wealth storage that is difficult to fathom while we still exist within the current system. 

Thus it is important to broach these ideas and have creative discussions to try and paint a picture of what may come to pass.  

I also talk with Dash about the role of faith, and purpose and meaning more broadly in these trying and changing times.

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