E15: Danny Scott and Zakk on CoinCorner, Lightning Merchants, and CoinCorner's New Lightning Card
E15: Danny Scott and Zakk on CoinCorner, Lightning Merchants, and CoinCorner's New Lightning Card
The Kevin Rooke Show

Danny Scott is the CEO of CoinCorner, and Zakk is their Technical Lead working on Lightning.  

Danny, Zakk, and I spoke about how CoinCorner merchants are using Lightning today, CoinCorner's new Lightning card, as well as the various Lightning payment standards and UX challenges that still need to be solved.  

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00:00 - Intro 

02:02 - Danny and Zakk Intro 

04:53 - Supporting Bitcoin over Altcoins 

10:20 - Why CoinCorner Integrated The Lightning Network 

13:54 - Merchants on the Lightning Network  

16:49 - Pitching Lightning to New Merchants  

23:41 - Are Merchants or Customers More Excited About Lightning? 

28:46 - How Large is the Lightning Network?  

31:46 - How CoinCorner Can Improve Their Lightning Integrations 

38:48 - CoinCorner’s Lightning Card 

44:24 - LNURL, BOLT 12, and the Future of Lightning Payments 

53:57 - Automatic Swaps Between Lightning and Bitcoin 

59:38 - Stablecoins on Lightning 

01:03:39 - Why Should Businesses Adopt Lightning?  

01:10:30 - What Danny and Zakk are Most Excited About on the Lightning Network 

01:17:25 - The Lightning Round

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30 Jan
bitcoin continues to chip away at the traditional payment rails, which will be a long multi year journey to disrupt the incumbents who all get a slice of the fee. I love the Umbrel node idea of a GBP token alongside BTC and it solving the LNURL decentralisation question. however does that place too much risk on Umbrel being the main provider of these bundled services in their App Store?
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29 Jan
NgU tech! my lightning adress is: raven@zbd.gg
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29 Jan
Nice podcast with CoinCorner! NgU
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29 Jan
tick tock new block