The Kennedy Legacy Ep731
The Kennedy Legacy Ep731
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 731 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Bitcoin Pizza Day
- Divorce and Private Keys
- U.S. Debt Ceiling Issues
- Biden's Mining Tax
- DCG missed a $630 Million Loan Payment
- Strike Expands to 65 More Countries
- The Kennedy Legacy

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12,122 sats
23 May
fuck the bitcoin conference. it is a shitcoin conference and i dont think nashville will change that. its an ethos problem and a people problem. 90% or so of the bitcoin community have high time preference in real life. i stand by this. its a bummer and why i'm mostly sitting in the shadows these days. tweets and notes are mostly bravado and full of shit.
23 May
agree as well, but I think it may be more like 75%. so many of us have figured out the low time pref way. there will always be douchebags in wizard garb.
23 May
6,102 sats
22 May
you can't handle the boost!
24 May
executive (order) boost right there 😉
2,718 sats
23 May
In the English garden's core, Thrives the Bocking 4 Comfrey lore. With leaves so wide, and flowers pure, It heals the soil, of that be sure. A green miracle, forevermore.
2,345 sats
22 May
cheers! also seems like the end of your show was cut off. just kinda ends as you are discussing how there’s no mechanism in Bitcoin to fight ordinals other than attacking with transactions
2,100 sats
23 May
appreciate your work. can’t listen to them all but good signal
1,200 sats
23 May
The mental hurdle to have people think about Bitcoin as money instead of in fiat valuation might need to be fought with language. Maybe instead of “Buy Bitcoin hold Bitcoin” it would be better to say “Convert to Bitcoin.. Hold Bitcoin”. people are already wired to think of converting between monies. 🤷🤷