#173: Money & Food featuring Robert Breedlove
The Meat Mafia Podcast

#173: Money & Food featuring Robert Breedlove

15 Apr • 1hr 52m
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Show Notes

Robert Breedlove is a bitcoiner and the host of the 'What is Money Show?' which covers the history of money and the theoretical implications of the advent of digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin. We had Robert on the show in August, but we wanted to do a deep dive into the importance of understanding money in the fast-changing world. With banks like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank (among several other regional banks) feeling immense pressure, it's more important than ever to understand how money works and why we are living through a technological shift when it comes to money. If you do not understand Bitcoin, this episode should help break down why it's important to spend some time thinking about it. Our podcast is centered around health and wellness, however, we feel it's important to understand these topics in order to live a free, thriving life.  


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SHOW NOTES 1:00- Bitcoin Park 3:50- Background 7:45- What is money? 12:00- Money is a privilege in the U.S. 16:00- Money is technology 39:25- WTF happened in 1971? 41:00- Capitalism 45:00- Examples of broken money 59:00- “Don’t fight the fed.”01:02:00- Bitcoin for the first time01:09:30- Pain through government oppression 01:13:00- Bridging the gap to bitcoin01:19:00- Darwinian money01:27:10- Time preference   01:29:00- Bitcoin is beef01:35:00- Mistaken principals for being in a cult?01:40:00- Developing a dialog with the body01:43:20- Optimistic future
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