David Zell: The Bitcoin Policy Institute
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David Zell: The Bitcoin Policy Institute

8 Apr • 2hr 9m
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In this episode Cedric sits down with David Zell from the Bitcoin Policy Institute. The Bitcoin Policy Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization researching the policy and societal implications of Bitcoin. Before founding BPI, David was the Director of Policy for BTC Inc, where he led the organization’s education and advocacy efforts. Previously, David co-founded and led ASAP, a nonprofit organizaion that made history derailing billions of dollars in private prison financing. He studied political science at the University of Alabama. This podcast is brought to you by River. Buy Bitcoin with and zero fees on recurring orders when you dollar cost asset at River. Truly the best way to build your bitcoin wealth. River doesn’t use or lend your bitcoin. All bitcoin at River. is held in secure cold storage with 100% full reserves. You can withdraw your bitcoin at any time. Unlock the possibilities of this revolutionary digital asset with River. River has a level of service that is unheard of in this industry. Sure you’ve bought bitcoin before but have you tried River. See and feel the difference for yourself at River. The world is grasping the importance of decentralized money with limited supply. Your friends and family could use your help realizing it. River’s river’s referral program will add $20 in free bitcoin to both of your accounts. To get started and find out for yourself, use the link in the show notes and get $20 free when you buy Bitcoin at or on the river app.  Build your Bitcoin wealth at River today at: Coinkite is a leader in security and hardware manufacturer, est. block 141,000. Maker of some of the most iconic Bitcoin products, such as OPENDIME, COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK, SATSCARD, TAPSIGNER and SATSCHIP. For 5% off use this referral link: Bitcoin 2023 will be back in Miami Beach one more time! Education, celebration and hyperbitcoinization will once again be on the agenda. Join us May 18-20, 2023. Use the code MATRIX for 10% off your tickets at Make sure to search for Bitcoin Matrix in your podcast app and click subscribe! And if you have the time please leave a review wherever you listen. Stream the Bitcoin Matrix podcast on the Fountain app for sats here: Subscribe to the Bitcoin Matrix on YouTube at Follow David Zell on Twitter: @DavidZell_ Check out The Bitcoin Policy Institute here: Follow Cedric Youngelman on Twitter: @CedYoungelman Follow the Bitcoin Matrix Podcast on Twitter: @_BitcoinMatrix
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9 Apr
stay humble, stack sats.
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10 Apr
BPI is doing essential work. Love hearing from David.