Bitcoiner Book Club: 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve' w/ Daniel Prince, Ray Youssef, & Jace Hartzler
Bitcoiner Book Club: 'Secrets of the Federal Reserve' w/ Daniel Prince, Ray Youssef, & Jace Hartzler
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This is another instalment in the 'Bitcoiner Book Club' series. When either myself, or others read a book that they thought was interesting, relevant to bitcoin, and worthy of further discussion, we put together one of these chats.

The guests reviewing the books are always different, and are usually included because they asked to be involved (I've found that 4 is a good number). The crew today is Daniel Prince (Host of the OnceBitten Podcast), Jace Hartzler (Bitcoiner), and Ray Youssef (Founder and CEO of Paxful).

Unsurprisingly, this discussion became more about the implications of the scenario which the book describes, and related subjects, more that a methodical review of the contents of the book itself. Of course, with a subject this large and influential, there are a million rabbit holes we could have gone down, which means we were inevitably unable to explore many of them. Hopefully what we did end up discussing was useful, interesting, or valuable nevertheless.



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2,121 sats
1 Apr
biblical rip guys! i think evil would be best summed up as he who tries to change, fix or control the world outside of them, instead of the world inside themselves. it is nested in a deep confusion and lack of clarity that everything is an internal experience.
1,000 sats
31 Mar
I wanna know about the books Ray couldn’t mention… 👀
1 Apr
2 Apr
Pkease get Ray on your pod and try to make him spill the beans 😂
567 sats
3 Apr
Just ordered up this book 👍 Zeitgeist Addendum first got me to enter the rabbit hole of the Federal Reserve.
5 Apr
book? 😮 i only know the video. i think i gifted like 50 or 60 copys, to people back then. ... but somehow i have memorys of "originals", that i was spreading. i remember something that they were very cheap. 1 or 3 bucks.
5 Apr
didn't heard the podcast. just reacted on your comment in the timeline. will listen to the episode.
500 sats
4 Apr
great rip
150 sats
8 Apr
rabbit hole time