BOB (Build on Bitcoin) feat Texas Slim and Capt Sidd
BOB (Build on Bitcoin) feat Texas Slim and Capt Sidd
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Repost from BOB Radio (Build on Bitcoin)

What happened in 1971? The move away from the gold standard may have contributed to the industrialization and centralization of the food system, as subsidies and regulations may have favored large agribusinesses over smaller, independent farmers who may prioritize sustainable and nutritious farming practices. Texas Slim and Captain Sidd explain to us how "The Beef Initiative" is closing that gap. Bitcoiners and ranchers share values such as personal sovereignty and asset management.

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10 Apr
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31 Mar
love y'all 😀 keep on spreading the word
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29 Mar
I have went down a rabbit hole of all the lies fed to me my whole life. Unnecessary wars, destruction of wealth, fake monopoly fiat money , and many other lies. But it all started with finding out the food pyramid was all a lie. I’ve lost 90#’s and maintained it. Texas Slim is onto it, folks go down this rabbit hole and open up your mind.
31 Mar
Taking full responsibility for everything in your life, good and bad, is the key to personal development. congrats on losing the #s!