CD97: Running Bitcoin Businesses with Dave Bradley
CD97: Running Bitcoin Businesses with Dave Bradley
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TOPICS: Early Bitcoin, Founding Bull Bitcoin, Physical Spaces, Building The Bitcoin Well, Canadian Trucker Protest, Citadel Theory, Localism

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7,778 sats
29 Mar
Odell at the end "This guy is based enough to agree with my Citadel theory"
7,777 sats
29 Mar
6,789 sats
28 Mar
Love you
2,000 sats
28 Mar
Hey Matt! Hows that "Top G" life going? Stay humble, stack sats.
1,001 sats
29 Mar
1,000 sats
28 Mar
consider this funding for letting a bison loose at the conference
750 sats
28 Mar
the message is "no message"
521 sats
5 Apr
500 sats
6 Apr
Great conversation! 🧡
500 sats
28 Mar
As a Canadian, I like learning about Bull Bitcoin and Well. I've used Bylls to pay bills. It's great
210 sats
29 Mar
thank you so much for saying everything Bitcoin should be lower case. never quite sure which is right and may have forever relegated myself to “that group of writers” in a Bitcoin magazine article for being a touch inconsistent!
100 sats
29 Mar
this has got to be one of the handsomest and strongest Bitcoin interviews out there. great conversation