#408: The Truth About Renewable Energy with Brian Gitt
#408: The Truth About Renewable Energy with Brian Gitt
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Brian Gitt to discuss the flawed ideological approach behind ESG mandates and renewable energies.

Brian Gitt on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrianGitt

Brian's website: https://briangitt.com/

5:23 - California emissions and electric cars
14:08 - Material supply for EVs
16:21 - California's oil hypocrisy
21:15 - EGS mandates don't preserve environment or help human life
27:06 - Nuclear safety
32:48 - Small modular reactors
48:52 - Wind and solar subsidies
52:52 - Ranting on batteries
55:08 - Unreliable and inefficient renewables
1:04:05 - Top down ideological policy
1:09:27 - Regulations are the root of the problem
1:14:11 - Questioning beliefs and educating
1:19:25 - Money and energy are the backbone
1:25:23 - Speaking out
1:29:56 - Plugs, wrapping up

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100,000 sats
1 Apr
keep up the great work.
7,000 sats
28 Mar
Hydrogen is such an unbelievable scam at every step of its production, its unbelievable. It would probably be one of the most inneficient ways to store and transport energy. Because of seeping it needs to be converted to ammonia, and then there are talks about having crackers right on the engines so the conversion back to hydrogen is done as late as possible. Additional energy inneficiencies AND it would pump the amonia price, exasturbating the fertilizer crisis. Great episode!
28 Mar
quite a few years back a friend who is a member of the GloBull Warming Cult was trying to convince me of the wonders of hydrogen as fuel. To be honest, it being promoted by a Cult member, friend or not, was all I needed to know it almost certainly was more BS.
5,000 sats
30 Mar
what's a speed limit barometer?!
5,000 sats
29 Mar
yes, I think fountain is broken. but if you receive this, I guess I am wrong. jcc 3/29 14:41 MDT
3,333 sats
1 Apr
This guy knows his business ✌️
1,555 sats
30 Mar
more Co2 = more plants
1,033 sats
27 Mar
how dare you!
1,000 sats
31 Mar
good rip
808 sats
28 Mar
regarding the raw materials, low cost vehicles, etc, check Tesla’s master plan 3. Lots of great information on a path forward.
500 sats
28 Mar
Accepting being wrong is probably the biggest takeaway from this podcast. Instead I fear the gov will wait until they break something before changing course while still not admiting any fault of their own
500 sats
6 Apr