Giving Freedom & Self Sufficiency a Shot – Episode-3269
Giving Freedom & Self Sufficiency a Shot – Episode-3269
The Survival Podcast
Today long time listener Andy McCann joins us to discuss simply giving the things we talk about all the time on TSPC a shot.  How some will work for your personal lifestyle design and some won’t & how that is Continue reading →
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19 Mar
I liked how much of this episode was highlighting failures wrapped up in a casual discussion.
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23 Mar
I kick myself for the mistakes I’ve made and failures I’ve had. This guy laughs at his. Maybe there’s something for me to learn in this.
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22 Mar
That was a fun listen with an interesting guy. Thanks to both of you.
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22 Apr
I can relate to this guy.
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17 Mar
Thanks for reminding me about the $1 Kickstarter!
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17 Mar
Great episode!
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19 Mar
thanks Jack
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16 Mar
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25 Apr
Thank you