#400: We're Gonna Win Against Broken Money and Broken Culture with @sovereignbrah
#400: We're Gonna Win Against Broken Money and Broken Culture with @sovereignbrah
TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty as he sits down with Chase, AKA Sovereign Brah, to discuss broken money, degenerate culture, energy, Bitcoin, and God.

Follow Chase on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sovereignbrah

0:00 - Intro
5:37 - Divine Synchronicity
12:57 - Children are artillery against degenerate culture
20:58 - Broken money
27:03 - Debt slavery
31:30 - Threats to mining
35:39 - Future of Texas
38:19 - Ed Dowd's theory
42:33 - Awakening NPCs
51:48 - Blackpilled on leaders
54:35 - Whitepilled on Bitcoin
59:49 - Streaming sats
1:06:31 - Censorship resistance
1:13:44 - We're gonna win
1:20:35 - Who are we up against?
1:34:58 - Spreading the word
1:41:16 - Don't be a coomer
1:43:29 - Energy humiliation
1:48:11 - Carbon
1:54:37 - Nuclear
2:00:35 - Beef Initiative
2:01:51 - Wrapping up

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222,000 sats
8 Mar
let’s fucking go! we are going to win!
12 Mar
glad you are following and listening to God. thank you for opening my eyes to BTC.
13 Mar
How did you boost by that many? 😱
40,000 sats
7 Mar
congrats on show 400 Marty!! a token of my appreciation. hopefully by show 500 we would have won! Godspeed
25,000 sats
6 Mar
awesome talk
20,000 sats
8 Mar
thanks mate
10,000 sats
8 Mar
Wholesome guest for #400
5,000 sats
7 Mar
Had seen Soverign brah on some videos in twiiter. It’s really fascinating how these different people from diffferenr subsections of the culture (beef, regen farming, family values) all are ending up with bitcoin as the answer. A good orange pill strategy also.👍🏻
3,000 sats
10 Mar
Inspiring to hear the good that Jesus is working in this young man’s life.
3,000 sats
13 Mar
God Bless SoverignBrah
2,000 sats
19 Mar
There are 5 chaste Christian girls per 1 spoiled Christian guy in some places in northern Europe. A bit feminist but not always that deep. Maybe import one brah? :)
1,000 sats
6 Mar
Great podcast. Thank you.
500 sats
7 Mar
another boost for daily usage
300 sats
7 Mar
222 sats
7 Mar
never heard it called angel numbers. now I know the name for it.
200 sats
6 Mar
we will win🔥🔥
200 sats
6 Mar
101 sats
7 Mar
gebus will find you a woman brah
100 sats
12 Mar
Marty I love listening to your show every week. god bless
100 sats
8 Mar
freeeeeakzzz 🤙
100 sats
15 Mar
value for value🚀🧡