Listener Questions & Feedback – Epi-3257
Listener Questions & Feedback – Epi-3257
The Survival Podcast
In this listener feedback episode I answer a variety of recent questions and feedback that you guys have sent me by email, social media, YouTube comments, etc. Today we cover last weeks poll results & bootagrams, drip irrigation, fire dangers, Continue reading →
1,000 sats
28 Feb
thanks for the wake up call, again
500 sats
2 Mar
100% Food Pyramid! My father was a brick mason so I grew up seeing first hand the importance of a foundation. The food pyramid therefore taught me that a meal is not a meal without grains. I am now flipping that pyramid. Animal fats and protien are now my base, but it is still hard to undo all those years of grains being the base.
500 sats
13 May
Thanks for being such a great jerk! Been listening for about 7 years and you’ve made a positive difference in mine and my kids’ lives.
500 sats
28 Feb
great show today!
100 sats
1 Mar
thanks Jack