A National Divorce Under the Best Case Scenario – Epi-3255
A National Divorce Under the Best Case Scenario – Epi-3255
The Survival Podcast
CJ Kilmer from the Dangerous History Podcast is joining me for this one, not as a guest but as a co-host.  Ever since Congressman Marjory Taylor Green make her now famous tweet on Monday there has been more discussion on Continue reading →
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23 Feb
Ask, and you shall receive! I think my thumb broke the sound barrier on the way to the play button after I read the title for this episode. Thank you for this conversation!
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25 Feb
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24 Feb
great discussion, thank you both
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24 Feb
Thank you both for talking about the potential for divorce within the US. It should be a calm conversation, and you both are setting a great example with it! Keep it coming!
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24 Feb
Excellent discussion. I would gladly listen to more episodes like this between you and CJ if you want to make it a recurring series.
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2 Mar
great discussion
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26 Feb
great show again
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24 Feb
Thanks guys. History= learning from other's mistakes.
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25 Feb
Fascinating discussion. I'm in one of those counties that wants to switch states, so this is close to home for me.