Why Bitcoiners Become Preppers – Epi-3253
Why Bitcoiners Become Preppers – Epi-3253
The Survival Podcast
Today I am solo and am simply going to discuss what is actually the primary reason I started The Bitcoin Breakout as a production of The Survival Podcast.  Simply put in the last 4 years I have watched many bitcoiners Continue reading →
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25 Feb
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23 Feb
Priceless information for all us bitcoin baby preppers 👍
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22 Feb
fucking A jack, you described me again. I watched all the doomsday prepper, read the 299 days, Alex Jones, and all the truther channels. now I have backyard chickens, small garden, almost out of debt, don’t watch news or pay attention to clown world. I can go on and on.
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25 Feb
ditto above...
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24 Feb
the survival podcast is one of my favorite podcasts. i learn something new everytime i listen to you. your expert council always covers what i think is important. if more people listened to you, they'd get away from those massive traps they call cities and would get back to the rural life. i wouldn't live in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Houston if you bought me a million dollar house. keep up the good work.
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22 Feb
another goid one
22 Feb