The Decline and Fall of Empires with CJ Kilmer – Epi-3244
The Decline and Fall of Empires with CJ Kilmer – Epi-3244
The Survival Podcast
Today CJ Kilmer returns to The Survival Podcast to discuss the decline and eventual fall of empires.  We also discuss the patterns we see no repeating themselves in the present day and what it says about our probable future in Continue reading →
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10 Feb
Man I really enjoyed this conversation. I've given this topic a lot of thought (I imagine we all have), and CJ brought up several historical connections I hadn't considered. I can sense big change coming, I think we all can. It's that feeling all the awake people share, that "waiting to see" without knowing exactly what we're waiting for. I'd be really interested in more "wargaming" on which regions of the US would be viable for secession and how that scenario might plausibly unfold.
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9 Feb
This was a great episode, thought provoking & informative. Regards, Chris
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9 Feb
totally forgot to turn streaming sats on so here’s a boost. thanks for what you do
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9 Feb
Eff. Yes.
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11 Feb
Great to hear you together
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17 Feb
interesting topic
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8 Feb
great show on alt history Thanks!
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13 Feb
CJ Florida man 👍
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9 Feb
Great guest
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9 Feb
Learned so much from this episode! thanks Jack and CJ!
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9 Feb
Been listening to Prof CJ since he first appeared on your show!
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10 Feb
can you pleas ask them to make a TSP shirt that says "some people just shouldnt talk to other people.?
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14 Feb
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7 Mar
Thank you